3M 75 Repositionable Spray Adhesive - 290gm

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  • Versatile spray-on adhesive used for temporarily securing materials in place.
  • Compatible with a wide range of lightweight materials and substrates.
  • Clear adhesive that resists bleeding or staining and produces a smooth glue line while not wrinkling most materials.
  • Adheres in seconds yet has an extra-long tack time that allows for repeated lifting and repositioning of materials.

3M 75 Repositionable Spray Adhesive is designed to temporarily hold lightweight objects, materials and parts in place. It is an incredibly versatile adhesive spray that can be used with a large range of materials and surface types, offer consistent performance and is very easy to use.

3M Repositionable Spray Adhesive 75 is used in all kinds of domestic, commercial and some industrial applications. More information on typical applications, capabilities and material compatibility is included below:

High Tack Temporary Adhesive which supports Repeated Repositioning.

3M 75 Repositionable Spray Adhesive has a high initial tack and adheres in seconds. This spray adhesive is “tape-like” in its ability to instantly bond all kinds of lightweight materials.

This tackiness is preserved. 3M Repositionable Spray Adhesive has an extra-long tack range that allows you to lift and reposition materials repeatedly. This can be very useful for holding stencils, guides and markers in place for production line work.

Compatible with Most Materials and Surfaces.

3M 75 Spray Adhesive is used with all kinds of different materials. It has been specially designed not to bleed through, stain or wrinkle most materials which increases its application-suitability exponentially. The following are just some of the material types this spray adhesive is compatible with:

  • Paper.
  • Tissue.
  • Cardboard.
  • Acetate Film.
  • Most foils & fabrics.
  • Rubber (except silicone).
  • Metal.
  • Wood.
  • Glass.
  • Most types of plastic sheeting and rigid plastics (some low surface energy grades like PTFE can be a problem).

Clear Adhesive Spray that Doesn’t Bleed, Soak-Through, Stain or Wrinkle.

3M 75 Repositionable Spray Adhesive has been engineered from the ground up to be temporary. This means that visible traces of it being used have been minimised in every way possible. This spray adhesive is clear in colour and will not bleed through, stain or wrinkle most materials. Neither will it soak through delicate substrates like foil, paper and fabric.

3M 75 Repositionable Adhesive Spray dries clear, produces a smooth glue line and resists wrinkling on most materials to produce a clean appearance.

Easy to Use with Finger-Touch, Targeted Control.

Each can of 3M 75 has an adjustable spray nozzle which helps with accurate application. This finger-touch, targeted control ensures minimal overspray, waste, and clean-up.

Popular Applications for 3M Repositionable Spray Adhesive.

  • Positioning light-weight materials for display purposes.
  • Holding emblems and badges during stitching.
  • Holding t-shirts during silk screening.
  • Prevent transfers moving during printing.
  • In textile cutting rooms for holding patterns in place instead of pinning them.
  • Temporarily securing paper masking in place.
  • For positioning delicate / very thin materials (like tissue paper) where its low soak-in formula allows it to bond delicate substrates without damaging the material.
Colour Transparent / Colourless
Basis Synthetic Elastomer
Dry Time 15 Seconds to 1 Minutes
Bonding Range 15 Seconds to 1 Hour
Coverage per Can 2.1mtr² (approx.)
Shear Adhesion Failure Test 43°C (110°F)
Tested with birch wood, 25mm overlap.
Solids Content (by weight) 9.4%
Voltatile Organic Compounds (VOC) 57%
Spray Pattern Mist
Minimum Shelf-Life  15 Months
SKU SWM000479B01V0001
Model # AS010594096
Brand 3M

Technical & Safety Data Sheets.

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