When you need to create a bond or seal that will withstand elevated temperatures, one of the most common selections is a silicone. Trouble is, there’s a lot of options and no firm definition of exactly what “high temperature” is. This can lead to a lot of confusion.

To make things a little simpler and ensure you get the right adhesive sealant for your job, we’ve put together this page that compares all the options we have available (there’s a few). Below, we break down our different types of silicone by temperature, price and features. We’ve also included a couple of non-silicone (i.e. MS Polymers, Polyurethane) types of elastic adhesive as well.

Grade Basis Max. Continuous
(Std. Cartridge)*
HT 300 Silicone
(Acetic Cure)
280°C 300°C $23.65
Black Seal Silicone
(Acetic Cure)
280°C 300°C $23.95
Flex 310 M HT 200 MS Polymer 90°C 200°C $28.20
Sanitary Silicone Silicone
(Acetic Cure)
204°C Not Listed $7.50
Contractors Silicone Silicone
(Acetic Cure)
180°C Not Listed $6.90
Silicone N10 Silicone 
(Neutral Cure)
180°C Not Listed $7.95
Aqua-Flex MS Polymer 90°C 130°C $25.30
Flex 310 M Classic MS Polymer 90°C 130°C $20.90
Flex 310 M Crystal MS Polymer 90°C 130°C $23.40
Flex 310 Polyurethane Polyurethane 90°C 120°C $20.50
Flex 310 M Stainless Steel MS Polymer 90°C Not Listed $26.20

Black Seal High Temperature Silicone makes a seal on a motor housing

For Really High Temperatures (Up to 300°C)

Weicon HT 300 High Temperature Resistant Silicone Adhesive and SealantHT 300 High Temperature Silicone

Weicon HT 300 High Temperature Silicone is designed for prolonged exposure and long term performance in high temperatures. It withstands permanent exposure to 280°C and 300°C short-term. This one part, RTV silicone adhesive is red and highly elastic.

HT 300 is perfect for making high temperature gaskets, bonding and sealing in industrial furnaces and sealing and bonding around heating equipment and systems.

Size(s) 85ml Squeeze Tube
310ml Cartridges
Colour Red
Price $12.55 / Tube
$23.65 / Cartridge

Black Seal High Temperature Oil and Grease Resistant SiliconeBlack Seal Special Silicone

A very high quality silicone with excellent compatibility with oils and grease. Black Seal is perfect for sealing gearboxes, oil sumps, pumps, axles, tanks and flanges. It withstands temperatures up to 300°C and is available in multiple sizes.

This adhesive sealant is very long lasting and has a high bond strength. It remains elastic once cured and is widely used for making formed-in-place (FPV) silicone gaskets in industry.

Size(s) 85ml Squeeze Tube
310ml Cartridge
Colour Black
Price $12.95 / Tube
$23.95 / Cartridge

For Medium Temperatures (Up To 180°C)

Sanitary Silicone for bathrooms, kitchens, laundries and other high humidity areasSanitary Silicone – Acetic Cure

This is an acetic cure silicone designed for use in sanitary areas like bathrooms, showers, kitchens and laundries though it is also very suitable for generally hot and humid areas. This one part silicone resists mildew and has excellent adhesion.

It bonds well to most materials and resists ageing. It also has excellent UV resistance which allows it to be used for bonding and sealing outdoors. Withstands 204°C continuous.

Size(s) 300gm Cartridges
Colour White, Translucent
Price $7.50 / Cartridge

Contractors Silicone - Economical, general purpose acetic silicone adhesive and sealantContractors Silicone – Acetic Cure

A one part, economical acetic cure silicone with good all-round performance characteristics. Contractors Silicone is ideal for glazing, sealing and bonding applications and is compatible with most metals, woods, plastics, glass, ceramic and more.

This standard grade of silicone withstands up to 180°C (ongoing) and is non-slumping. It also has excellent resistance to UV and weathering for outdoor use.

Size(s) 300gm Cartridges
Colour White, Black, Transparent
Price $6.90 / Cartridge

Silicone N10 - General purpose neutral cure silicone adhesive and sealantSilicone N10 - Neutral Cure Silicone

An economical grade of neutral cure silicone. This long-lasting silicone adhesive sealant cures without emitting much odour and is ideal for general construction, sealing, glazing and bonding jobs. It’s available in 8 different colours.

Silicone N10 is a neutral cure silicone which makes it ideal for surfaces that could be damaged by an acetic cure (like copper, ColorBond or some plastics). It withstands 180°C temperatures.

Size(s) 300gm Cartridges
Colour White, Black, Translucent, Aluminium, Light Grey, Dark Grey, Off White
Price $7.95 / Cartridge

When Silicones Are Not An Option

In addition to those covered above, we’re happy to offer a range of high quality MS Polymer and Polyurethane based elastic adhesives. These are typically used when silicone can’t be used, either because of the materials being bonded, chemical resistance requirements, the problems silicone can cause for paint or the need to paint over the sealant itself.

Though none can rival the outstanding temperature resistance of some silicone adhesives, this range of adhesive sealants are ideal choices for some lower temperature work. We explain in more detail below.

Weicon Flex 310 M Classic Universal Adhesive Sealant Being applied to metal channel

Flex 310 M HT 200 High Temperature MS Polymer SealantFlex 310 M HT 200 High Temperature Sealant and Adhesive

HT 200 is a high temperature grade of MS Polymer Adhesive Sealant able to withstand 200°C for 30 minutes. It’s grey, bonds well to most surfaces, is free of silicone and is ideal for bonding or sealing parts that need to be thermal or powder coated.

HT 200 will only handle 90°C continuous so it should not be used where it will be exposed to temperatures above this long term. It really is designed for bonding and sealing parts that will be powder coated and there’s a great video on the product page showing it do just that.

Size(s) 310ml Cartridges
Colour Grey
Price $28.20 / Cartridge

Aqua-Flex Underwater Sealant and AdhesiveAqua-Flex Underwater Adhesive Sealant

A special kind of adhesive sealant that can be applied to wet, damp or even submerged surfaces. Weicon Aqua-Flex Underwater Sealant and Adhesive bonds to most types of materials and is available in white, black or grey. Aqua-Flex withstands 90°C continuous and 130°C for up to 2 hours.

This adhesive is based on MS Polymers and has a very high bond strength. This has led to it being used in many areas that don’t require its amazing ability to work underwater. There’s a video showing it do its underwater trick on the product page if you are intrigued (like we were at first).

Size(s) 310ml Cartridges
Colour White, Black, Grey
Price $25.30 / Cartridge

Weicon Flex 310 M Classic Universal Adhesive Sealant RangeFlex 310 M Classic Universal Adhesive Sealant

A high strength, highly elastic and incredibly versatile adhesive sealant. Flex 310 M Classic from Weicon bonds well to most surface types, is completely free of silicones and solvents, and is suitable for indoor or outdoor long term sealing and bonding.

If you need an elastic adhesive sealant for a job that silicone is simply not suitable for, Flex 310 M is definitely worth a look. It is limited on the temperature side to 90°C continuous (130°C short-term).

Size(s) 310ml Cartridges
Colour White, Black, Grey
Price $20.90 / Cartridge

Flex 310 M Crystal Clear MS Polymer Elastic AdhesiveFlex 310 M Crystal Clear Sealant

Weicon Flex 310 M Crystal Clear Sealant is designed specifically for applications that require a strong, elastic adhesive that must not be seen. Crystal clear once cured, 310 M Crystal is ISEGA approved for use in food technologies and is silicone free.

Flex 310 M Crystal can be used indoors or outdoors and is resistant to fresh and salt water. It withstands ongoing exposure to 90°C and short-term spikes to 130°C.

Size(s) 310ml Cartridges
Colour Transparent
Price $23.40 / Cartridge

Flex 310 PU Polyurethane Adhesive and Sealant RangeFlex 310 Polyurethane Adhesive and Sealant

Flex 310 PU is extremely versatile. It bonds very well to a wide range of surfaces and can be painted, sanded or ground once cured. It's free of silicones and solvents and available in black, white or grey. It withstands ongoing exposure to 90°C and short-term exposure to 120°C.

This adhesive remains permanently elastic and bonds well to a wide variety of materials and surfaces including metals, ceramics, wood, glass, stone and most types of plastic.

Size(s) 300ml Cartridges
Colour White, Black, Grey
Price $20.50 / Cartridge

Flex 310 M Stainless Steel SealantFlex 310 M Stainless Steel Sealant

Colour coded to blend in naturally with stainless steel, Flex 310 M Stainless Steel Sealant bonds well to stainless, aluminium and non-ferrous metals. It can be used indoors or outdoors, is completely free of silicone and solvents and is ISEGA certified.

Flex 310 Stainless Steel is often used in the hospitality industry and for sealing and bonding in areas handling food or beverages. It withstands temperatures up to 90°C.

Size(s) 290ml Cartridges
Colour Aluminium
Price $26.20 / Cartridge

Silicone and MS Polymer Elastic Adhesive Sealants

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