Nomex Slot Wedges, Square NHT 20-7-8 (Per 250ft Bundle)

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  • Convenient & economical slot sticks for electric motors.
  • Manufactured from Nomex.
  • High strength and suitable for use in Class H (180°C) electrical applications.
  • Supplied in convenient 250 foot bundles.

Typically used for medium voltage electric motors, Nomex Slot Wedges are a mainstay of the electric motor rewinding industry. Like so many other electrical insulation parts, these preformed wedges go by many names, including: Nomex Slot Sticks & Nomex Wedges.

Manufactured from DuPont Nomex Paper, our Nomex Slot Wedges have good mechanical attributes, a high temperature rating and are available in a large range of sizes.

All our Nomex wedges are made from 100% genuine DuPont Nomex. They are pressure-formed to shape so that they retain their form without exhibiting any of Nomex’s usual tendency to “spring-back”.

We are pleased to stock these slot sticks in both curved and squared styles. This page contains all the information on the Square style. The round Nomex Slot Wedges are also available.

The size table below lists the dimensions for all the sizes that make up our standard, stocked range. Each is supplied in a pack consisting of 250 feet worth of 36 inch long slot wedges.

Square Preformed Nomex Wedges Size Table.

Model # Thickness (T) Dimension A Dimension B  
20-7-8 0.51mm / 0.020" 3.175mm 11.113mm
Square Formed Nomex Slot Wedges Schematic
30-7-8 0.76mm / 0.030" 3.175mm 11.113mm
20-8-8 0.51mm / 0.020" 3.175mm 3.175mm
30-8-8 0.76mm / 0.030" 3.175mm 3.175mm
20-10-14 0.51mm / 0.020" 5.556mm 3.969mm
30-10-14 0.76mm / 0.030" 5.556mm 3.969mm
20-11-10 0.51mm / 0.020" 3.969mm 4.366mm
30-11-10 0.76mm / 0.030" 3.969mm 4.366mm
20-15-11 0.51mm / 0.020" 4.366mm 5.953mm
30-15-11 0.76mm / 0.030" 4.366mm 5.953mm
20-16-11 0.51mm / 0.020" 4.366mm 6.35mm
30-16-11 0.76mm / 0.030" 4.366mm 6.35mm
20-19-15 0.51mm / 0.020" 5.953mm 7.541mm
30-19-15 0.76mm / 0.030" 5.953mm 7.541mm
20-23-16 0.51mm / 0.020" 6.35mm 9.128mm
30-23-16 0.76mm / 0.030" 6.35mm 9.128mm
20-27-18 0.51mm / 0.020" 7.144mm 10.716mm
30-27-18 0.76mm / 0.030" 7.144mm 10.716mm
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