Weicon Plast-o-Seal Plastic Sealant 90gm Tube

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Key Features

  • Can be used to seal all kinds of smooth treated flanges and tight fitting pipe connections
  • Works with fibre, paper, felt or cork gaskets to increase and improve seal performance
  • Solvent free, no unpleasant odours and allows immediate assembly after application


Weicon Plast-o-Seal Plastic Sealant is a special kind of universal sealant made in Germany. It can be used one of two ways. 

a)    Independently. With close fitting (smooth) flange surfaces of tight pipe joints.
b)    In conjunction with other gaskets like those made of cork, paper, felt, etc.. to improve sealing performance.

Weicon Plast-o-Seal Plastic Sealant is not an adhesive but rather works by filling any gaps between flanges or pipes through which leaks may occur. To achieve this, Plast-o-Seal remains permanently plastic both before and after assembly. When it is used by itself, it does not require tightening and allows for easy joint dismantling when it is required.

Plasto-o-Seal Plastic Sealant has a high viscosity so it doesn’t run or drip and can even be use on vertical surfaces. It is free of silicones, is non-corrosive and contains no solvents that could damage plastic connections. It is also odourless. Plast-o-Seal Pipe Sealant has very good resistance to most types of liquid, and will handle continuous temperatures between -50°C and 200°C (plus spikes up to 250°C).


  • Sealing of tight fitting plastic pipe joins
  • Gearbox flanges
  • Motor casing flanges
  • Smooth machine flange facings


Can I used this to bond two parts together?

No, Plast-o-Seal isn’t an adhesive. It does not stick in a conventional sense and will therefore not create bonds between materials or surfaces. We do have a large range of adhesive that may be suitable depending on exactly what you’re trying to achieve though.

Can it be used to seal fuel?

Yes, Weicon Plast-o-Seal Plastic Sealant is compatible with most fuels as well as mineral oils, water, air and coolant mixtures.

What do I need to do to prepare the surfaces where it’s being used?

Just clean, degrease and dry. 

Colour: Fluorescent Blue

Basis: Polyester Resin

Continuous Operating Temperature: -50°C to 200°C

Short-Term Operating Temperature: 250°C

Viscosity: 950,000 – 1,650,000 MPa

Maximum Gap Filling Capacity: 0.1mm (Without using a physical gasket)

IMPA: 81 52 31 (90gm Tube), 81 52 32 (120gm Brush-Top Container), 81 52 33 (300gm Cartridge)

ISSA: 75.628.41 (90gm Tube), 75.628.42 (120gm Brush-Top Container), 75.628.43 (300gm Cartridge)

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Brand Weicon

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