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On this page we explain a little about what we are, the types of products and services we provide, our history and goals. Our range of products, materials and customisation options continues to grow rapidly so we'll try and keep this page updated over time.

One thing that won't change though is our commitment to service. If you need help with finding the right product, placing orders or arranging for something to be delivered to meet urgent requirements please don't hesitate to contact us and we'll assist in any way we can.

Swift Supplies 100% Australian Owned and OperatedOur History.

Swift Supplies Online Pty Ltd is a relatively new company founded in 2016.

We are 100% Australian-owned and independent. Though the company’s new, the people behind it are not. Together, we’ve got over 50 years experience in the industry and with our products specifically.

We use this experience to help with product selection, suggestions and to ensure that all of our custom fabricated work is done to meet your requirements. We're a little different to many other (primarily) online stores in that we don't just distribute products; oftentimes we fabricate them.

For this, experience is everything and we are pleased to offer you the benefit of ours at no charge!

What We Do.

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We started Swift Supplies on a simple premise; make industrial grade hardware products and engineering supplies available to everyone.

To do this, we’ve used our shared knowledge, experience and relationships with some of the world’s leading manufacturers to put together this site where we can offer everyone access to solutions often reserved for bigger businesses at a single, advertised price.

Over the years, we've worked really hard to identify the best industrial products for all kinds of applications.

Whether it's a DIY project, a hobby, a craft endeavour or something for large scale engineering work, we know our range of specialised hardware and industrial solutions will perform. We believe in our products so much, we're pleased to offer a fantastic returns policy just in case you do end up with the wrong solution for you.

We also believe that product information should be readily available so we’ve gone right ahead and put as much as possible about our products online so anyone can see it without creating an account, signing in or anything else. We really hope you sign up for our newsletter so we can keep sharing new information and our most recent product additions with you. But how could you know whether it’s worth signing up if you can’t see what we’re about first?

Over the years, our range has expanded enormously. We still have a long way to go though and are adding new products and sizes to our website each and every fortnight. We've always followed a simple philosophy with choosing these additions; add the products people ask us for.

Consequently, if you are after something similar to an item we have listed; don't hesitate to ask us. We're still nowhere near having 100% of our range online and are always happy to assist if we can.

Our Main Product Categories.

Adhesives & Sealants Anti-Seize & Industrial Lubricants Chemicals, Sprays & Liquids
Adhesives & Sealants Anti-Seize & Industrial Lubricants Chemicals, Sprays & Liquids
Electrical Insulation, Conductors & Tools Gaskets & Sealing - Black NItrile Rubber Strip in Various Sizes Heat and High Temperature Thermal Insulation Products
Electrical Insulation, Conductors & Tools Gaskets & Sealing Heat Insulation
Plastics - GPO3 UltraTrach H950 - Sample Piece of Polyester Glass Laminate Tapes for Mounting, Sealing, Masking and Electrical Insulation Tools and Accessories
Plastics Tapes Tools, Specialised Hardware & Accessories

Additional Information and Resources.

We'll try and keep this page updated as we add more products, capabilities and to our history. In the meantime, thank you again for your interest in us. We've included a few links below to other pages with information on our various policies and capabilities.

Of course, if you would like more information, or have something more specific to discuss, please do not hesitate to contact us.

How to Shop With Swift - Link Shipping & Returns - Link
Provides information on browsing our website, the various ways you can place orders and the payment options (both online and offline) available. Quick answers to common questions about how we deliver your order and our returns policy.
News, Tips & Guides - Link Contact Us - Link
We try to publish regular articles with information on new products or deeper-dives into how a particular need can be solved. Lists all our contact details as well as providing a form to submit a quick question or enquiry.

Swift Supplies Online Pty. Ltd. Official Information.

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