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Easy-Mix RK-7300 Structural Acrylic Adhesive - 50gm

A premium grade glue for the most demanding of applications. Easy-Mix RK-7300 Acrylic Adhesive is able to join all kinds of low surface energy plastics and hard to bond materials. High strength and long lasting.

Plastic Bond - 24ml

Designed especially for the fast, strong and lasting bonding of plastics to themselves and to other materials; Plastic Bond is a high strength glue made from methyl methacrylate. It is compatible with a variety of materials and surfaces.

RK-1300 No-Mix, High Strength Acrylic Glue

A very high strength adhesive that is perfect for joining metal sheets, ceramic, ferrites and many types of rigid plastic. RK-1300 Acrylic Glue is fast curing, very easy to use and creates strong bonds that will last.
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