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AL-F Food Grade Grease

Industrial-grade lubricant designed to meet the greasing needs of the Food & Beverage Industry. Al-F Food Grade Grease reduces friction and wear. This versatile grease can be used with many types of equipment and parts.
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AL-H Heat Resistant Grease

A high temperature lubricant for up to 160°C; our AL-H Grease is premium, NSF H1 Approved type of lubricant suitable for use in food and beverage applications in the manufacturing, marine, engineering and retail sectors.
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AL-M Grease

A long-life grease with MoS2. This lubricant has excellent adhesion and pressure resistance for highly effective, long-term lubrication of bearings, joints, levers, gears, shafts and more.
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AL-T Heat Resistant Grease

A high temperature lubricant for up to 190°C; our AL-T Heat Resistant Grease is a universal style lubricant with long lasting performance. Used on everything from bikes and ball bearings to guides, spindles, shafts, wire ropes, chains and more.
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AL-W Underwater Marine Grease

A specialised, industrial-grade lubricant designed specifically for marine, wet-area and underwater lubrication. AL-W Underwater Marine Grease can be used with most types of equipment & provides excellent corrosion protection & lubrication.
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Bio-Cut Cutting Oil Lubricant

A professional-quality cutting oil, Weicon Bio-Cut significantly reduces friction and enables superior cutting and finishing. Suitable for use in a variety of metal working applications and trusted around the world.
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Bio-Cut Cutting Oil Spray - 400ml

An easy to use, highly effective lubricant for sawing, drilling, punching, grinding and reaming tools. Bio-Cut Spray increases tool life, allows for higher cutting speeds, and assists with achieving high quality finishes.

Silicone Grease

A high performance, industrial quality lubricant. Our Weicon Silicone Grease is ideal for the lubrication of O-Rings, Seals, Gaskets, Rubber, Plastic, Machine Equipment and Slow Rotating Bearings.
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This category includes our AL Series greases from Weicon in Germany.

These high performance lubricants all provide extremely long re-greasing intervals and can be used on a wide range of equipment types.

The table below provides a summary of their application areas. Click on any of the products for (a lot) more information on capabilities and benefits of that particular type of grease.

  AL-F AL-H AL-M AL-T AL-W Silicone
Rolling Bearings  
Sliding Bearings  
Sliding Guides
Linear Guide Systems      
Spline Shafts      
Open Gears      
Worm Gears      
Assignment NLGI-Class 2 NLGI-Class 1 NLGI-Class 2 NLGI-Class 2 NLGI-Class 1-2 NLGI-Class 2-3