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Cockpit Spray – 400ml

Engineered to lubricate, protect and enhance vehicle interiors. Cockpit Spray creates a permanent, invisible film that rejects water, repels dust and improves the appearance of even older surfaces.

Contact Spray - 400ml

A quality spray for maintaining electrical connections and contacts. Our Contact Spray dispels moisture and prevents current leakage. Used on all kinds of electrical devices, equipment, connections and components.

Fitting Spray - 200ml

A very effective lubrication spray for hinges, joints and fittings. Our Fitting Spray is free of silicones and solvents and reduces wear and friction, protects against corrosion, is weather resistant and suppresses squeaks.

Hand Protective Foam - 200ml

Applied directly to your hands before work, Hand Protective Foam creates an invisible pair of gloves that protects you from dirt, grease, oils and contaminants. Dermatologically tested and made with liposomes, an ideal addition to any workshop.

Metal Fluid Spray NSF - 400ml

A specialised care and protection spray for metal. Metal Fluid is used to polish all types of metal surfaces and leaves behind a high gloss protective film that resists marking and fingerprints.

Stainless Steel Care Spray - 400ml

A cleaning, polishing and protective spray combined into one. Stainless Steel Care Spray cleans stainless surfaces and leaves behind a protective film that is anti-static, repels water, and prevents dirt, grime and fingerprint marks.