Flexible Electrical Insulation Sheets & Materials

DMD Flexible Electrical Insulation Paper

An economical grade of flexible electrical insulation for use in medium voltage machines up to 155°C. DMD is made from a combination of polyester film and fleece and is available by the metre in a selection of sizes.

From $8.58

Nomex 410 Insulation Paper

Manufactured by DuPont and trusted by numerous industries for over 50 years. Nomex 410 Insulation Paper offers exceptional electrical, thermal, chemical and mechanical properties. Available by the metre in a selection of thicknesses.

From $10.30

Polyester Film Sheet

Thin, tough and very strong. Polyester Film is an excellent electrical insulator, has a smooth surface finish, and is available in a selection of (mainly) transparent thicknesses. Available by the lineal metre.

From $4.20