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Industrial rubber sheet available to buy online from Swift Supplies Online Australia

Rubber is an outstanding sealing material that also combines good physical toughness, elasticity and wear resistance into one easy to use product. Our range of industrial grade rubber sheet, cords and rubber strips have been selected to offer the best performance at the most economical price possible. 

These include our general-purpose grades like our Neoprene Rubber (AKA Chloroprene Rubber, CR) and Natural Rubber Insertion which are both ideal for many day-to-day sealing and lining jobs. We are also pleased to offer higher grade rubber materials like our Nitrile Rubber (commonly used for sealing oils and fuels) and our very high quality Silicone Rubber Sheet which combines excellent thermal properties with very good sealing characteristics. Many are approved for food sealing requirements and all can be supplied in a wide range of sizes.

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Big Rib Rubber Mats - Cut to Size

Available in a selection of sizes and thicknesses, our Big Rib Rubber Mats are ideal for when you don’t need a whole sheet. Made from industrial-grade rubber, these mats have very good anti-slip and wear resistance properties.

From $18.35

Big Rib Rubber Matting - By The Metre

Anti-slip, hard wearing and very long lasting. Our Big Rib Rubber Matting material is available by the lineal metre in two thicknesses. This black rubber is easy to clean and used for all kinds of lining, protection and non-slip work.

From $66.85

Chutex Red Lining Rubber

A special type of rubber with outstanding resistance to abrasion, wearing and tearing. Chutex Red Lining Rubber is used for rubber skirts, wear protection and heavy-duty lining applications. Available online now in a range of thicknesses.

From $82.50

EPDM Rubber Sheet (Black, 60 Duro)

Industrial grade EPDM has excellent resistance to most acids and alkalis and very good resistance to UV and ozone. It is often used outdoors, for chemical sealing or underwater applications. Withstands up to 120°C.

From $38.59

EPDM Rubber Sheet for Potable Water Sealing (Black, 65 Duro)

A premium grade rubber designed specifically for making gaskets, seals and linings for drinking water applications. Our EPDM Rubber Sheet for Potable Water is available by the metre in a selection of thicknesses.

From $59.05

EPDM Rubber Strip (Black, 60 Duro)

Solid, 60 Duro Black EPDM Rubber Strip available by the metre. This rubber has excellent UV and Sunlight Resistance, good chemical resistance and is available in a huge selection of standard sizes.

From $2.69

FRAS Rubber (Fire Resistant Anti-Static) Sheet

Fire Resistant and Anti-Static, our FRAS Rubber Sheet is a premium grade rubber used in demanding, critical applications. Available in a variety of thicknesses by the lineal metre or in custom fabricated parts upon request.

From $123.20

Natural Insertion Rubber Sheet (Black, 60 Duro)

Tough, abrasion resistant and long lasting. Natural rubber insertion sheet is an economical grade of general purpose rubber suitable for many day-to-day sealing and lining applications. Available, by the metre, ranging from 1.5mm to 12mm thick.

From $16.63

Natural Rubber Insertion Strip

Highly economical, non-adhesive rubber strips available in a wide selection of sizes. Natural Rubber Insertion Strips have good tensile strength, abrasion resistance and wear resistance.

From $2.55

Neoprene Rubber Sheet (Black, 60 Duro)

An economical, general purpose grade of rubber sheeting. Neoprene rubber has good oil compatibility and UV resistance. It is available by the metre in 0.8mm to 12mm thick.

From $21.80

Neoprene Rubber Strip

Neoprene Rubber Strip is an easy and economical option for sealing around and between objects such as tanks, sheds, gutters, roofing and more. Made from our Neoprene rubber it is available (by the metre) in a wide range of widths and thicknesses.

From $3.15

Nitrile Rubber O Ring Cord (70 Duro)

A precision extruded round rubber cord used for making O rings. Our Nitrile Rubber O Ring Cord is black, has a hardness of 70 Duro and exhibits good resistance to fuels, greases and mineral oil fluids. Available in a range of sizes by the metre.

From $2.05

Nitrile Rubber Sheet (Black, 60 Duro)

A premium grade of Nitrile rubber sheeting. This rubber has excellent resistance to fuels and oils and is commonly used for making automotive gaskets and seals as well as gaskets for the marine sectors and seals for tanks and pipelines.

From $42.10

Nitrile Rubber Sheet (White, FDA Compliant)

Designed for use in food grade applications, our Nitrile Rubber Sheet (White, FDA Compliant) is non-marking, non-toxic and non-allergenic. Used for all kinds of lining, sealing and protecting applications, it is available in a selection of sizes.

From $46.00

Nitrile Rubber Strip (Black, 60 Duro)

Black, solid Nitrile Rubber cut into easy to use strips. Available in a large selection of widths and numerous thicknesses. These rubber strips have excellent oil & fuel resistance and are available by the linear metre.

From $3.80

O Ring Kit – Nitrile Rubber

Everything you need to make your own custom Nitrile Rubber O Rings in one kit. Featuring only high-quality components, this kit includes 5 different sizes of cord, a special glue and primer, safety cutter and cleaning spray.

From $98.10

Silicone Rubber O Ring Cord (Red, 60 Duro)

High quality extruded red silicone O Ring Cord in a selection of sizes. This high performance sealing rubber is able to withstand high heat (260°C) and is compatible with a vast array of chemicals and fluids. Available by the metre in 10+ sizes.

From $48.24

Silicone Rubber Pre-Cut Mats (Red, FDA, 60 Duro

High quality silicone rubber cut into 600mm Square mats. Made in-house from our Red Silicone Rubber Sheet, these mats utilise our high-quality silicone rubber and are ideal for those who only need small sheets for their application.

From $28.50

Silicone Rubber Sheet (Red, FDA Compliant, 60 Duro)

Red Silicone Rubber Sheet has outstanding sealing properties, withstands temperatures between -60°C and +230°C and is approved for use with food and drinking water. This high-quality rubber is available in a selection of thicknesses.

From $75.25

Silicone Rubber Sheet (Translucent, FDA, 40 Duro) - By the Metre

Available by the lineal metre in 1200mm wide. We are pleased to offer our quality, translucent silicone rubber in a variety of thicknesses. Suitable for use in a range of applications, this rubber is FDA approved and heat resistant.

From $131.50

Silicone Rubber Sheet (White, Food Grade, 60 Duro)

A premium grade silicone rubber that can be used for making high performance gaskets, seals, strips, liners and more. White Silicone is FDA approved for food contact, WRAS approved for drinking water and is available in a selection of thicknesses.

From $110.65

Silicone Rubber Sheet (White, Pre-Cut Mats)

Cut in our Australian facilities from our White Silicone Rubber Sheet, these pre-cut mats are ideal for anyone who needs smaller quantities or sheet sizes. Food Grade with excellent heat resistance, they are offered in a selection of sizes.

From $37.78

Viton O Ring Cord - Black, 70 Duro

A very high quality, industrial-grade O Ring Cord that combines excellent temperature resistance, chemical resistance and seal performance. Our black Viton O Ring Cord is available by the metre in a range of different sizes.

From $9.94