Dispensing Equipment & Aids

D 50 Dispensing Gun for Easy-Mix Adhesives

A professional-grade dispensing tool for our Easy-Mix Adhesive range. Our D 50 Dispensing Gun for Easy-Mix Adhesives is engineered by Weicon in Germany, works with over 10 grades of adhesive and is very easy to use.


Dosing Tips for Weicon Super Glues

Available in 4 sizes, dosing tips fit over the top of the super glue nozzle and allow for incredibly accurate application in highly controlled doses. Economical and very easy to fit, these make life a lot easier when you’re gluing really tiny spots.

From $1.65

Double Nozzle Attachment for Weicon Sprays

A versatile spray head that combines a mist function for large surface areas and a spray tube option for precision dosage in hard to access areas. This easy to install spray head works with over 45 Weicon sprays.


Easy-Mix PE-PP 45 Dispenser

High quality gun made for our PE-PP 45 Adhesive for Polyethylene and Polypropylene. This gun has a hardened piston to process this adhesive and ensures perfect mix ratios are achieved every time.


Flex 310 M 2K Mixing Nozzles

Spare mixing nozzles for our Flex 310 M 2K, 2-part MS Polymer Elastic Adhesive.


Hand Held Spray Dispenser, Special

A specially developed spray dispenser for aggressive liquids. Suitable for use with powerful fluids such as Weicon Cleaner S, Brake Cleaner and Rust Remover. 500ml Capacity.


Industrial Grade Pump Up Spray Dispenser WPS 1500

A heavy-duty, refillable, spray applicator, our WPS 1500 Pump Up Spray Dispenser is designed for maximum performance. It is simple to use, works with a wide range of liquids and fluids, and allows for a steady, adjustable stream and excellent coverage.

From $59.35

PE-PP 45 Conversion Piston for Weicon D 50 Dispensing Gun

Special piston that lets you use our standard D 50 Dispensing Gun for Easy-Mix Adhesives with Easy-Mix PE-PP 45.


Pressurised Air Spray Can WSD 400

A refillable pressurised air spray can be used for dispensing cleaners, lubricants, solvents and other types of technical liquids. WSD 400 is made from toughened Aluminium, is very long lasting and easy to use.


Professional Grade Caulking Cartridge Gun

A high quality caulking gun designed to make applying silicones, elastic adhesives and polyurethanes easier. This professional grade gun is made from hardened plastic and steel, is lightweight and very easy to use.


Quadro Mixing Nozzles for Easy-Mix Adhesives

A key part of the Easy-Mix Adhesive System. Our Quadro Mixing Nozzles work with most grades of Easy-Mix Adhesive including PU-90, PU-240, S 50, N 50, N 5000 and RK-7000 through RK-7300.


Special Mixing Nozzle for Easy-Mix PE-PP

A special type of mixing nozzle for a special type of adhesive. These nozzles are designed just for use with Easy-Mix PE-PP 45 and can handle the tiny glass beads present in this glue. Easy to attach and very simple to use.


WSD 400 Adapter for Compressed Air Systems

High strength adapter used to refill our WSD 400 Pressurised Air Spray Can from air compressors or compressed air networks.


WSD 400 Spray Valve Set

A set of four different spray valves for adjusting the type of spray coming from our WSD 400 Pressurised Air Spray Can. Also includes a ball pump with intake pump.