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AllPax Gasket Cutter Systems - Heavy Duty

Professional-Grade Gasket Cutter Systems used for cutting cork, rubber, felt, sponge, compressed fibre and more. Our Heavy-Duty Gasket Cutter Kits are engineered for simple, fast and accurate cutting and are very long lasting.
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AllPax Gasket Cutter Systems - Light Duty

Our Light Duty Allpax Gasket Cutter Systems are used for cutting ring and circular gaskets up to 152mm OD from rubber, fibre, felt, sponge, cork and more. Made in the USA, easy to use and very long lasting.
From $395.25

Allpax Hollow Hole Punch Sets

Heavy-duty hollow punches for creating holes in a range of materials like rubber, leather and cork. Available in a few different kit configurations with different numbers / sizes of punches.
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Automatic Cable and Wire Stripper No. 7 Magic

A professional grade cable stripper with incredible versatility. Automatically adjusting, our No. 7 Magic can be used with flexible, round cable between 0.5mm² and 16mm² cross section.

Automatic Cable Stripper No. 7 F Flat Magic

An Automatic Cable Stripper that adjusts to the size of the wire. This professional quality stripping tool can be used with many types of multi-strand flat cables as well as numerous round cables and wires.

Automatic Wire Stripper No. 5

An automatic wire stripper that works with cables between 0.2mm² and 6mm². Our No. 5 is fast, simple and easy to use. Made in Germany from premium materials, this stripper can be adjusted to bare different lengths of conductor.

Cable Dismantling Tool No. 25

A specialised tool designed for stripping and dismantling large sized cables. Our No. 25 Cable Dismantling Tool can be used for round and length stripping and removes insulation layers up to 5mm thick.

Cable Stripper No. 4 - 28 H

An easy-to-use cable stripping knife that handles longitudinal and round stripping with ease. Our Cable Stripper No. 4 – 28 H works with common round cables between 4mm and 28mm dia and features a hook knife for added versatility.

Cable Stripper No. S 4 - 28 Multi

Used for stripping flexible cables between 4mm and 28mm diameter. This versatile tool can strip around or along the cable and also includes an easy to use small cable and wire stripper in the handle for fast stripping of 0.5mm² to 6mm² cables.

Cam Buckle Straps, Black, High Strength Polyester

Industrial quality cam buckle straps made from low stretch, high strength abrasion resistant polyester webbing. Available in a variety of lengths, these easy to use straps are used for bundling hoses and cables, securing loads for transport and more.
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Cartridge Gun for High Viscosity Adhesives

A high quality caulking gun designed for thicker, medium and high viscosity adhesive sealants. This professional grade gun is made from hardened plastic and steel, is lightweight and very easy to use.

Cat Cable Stripper No. 2

A fast, simple and reliable tool for the stripping and dismantling of Cat5, Cat6, Cat7 and Twisted Pair data cables. Our Cat Cable Stripper No. 2 features automatically adjusting blades and can be used with cables between 4.5mm and 10mm diameter.

Coax Cable Stripper No. 2

Designed for stripping all common types of coaxial cable, our No. 2 Coax Cable Stripper automatically adjusts to the cable size. It can be used with coax cable between 4.8mm & 7.5mm Ø as well as many types of other flexible cable.

D 50 Dispensing Gun for Easy-Mix Adhesives

A professional-grade dispensing tool for our Easy-Mix Adhesive range. Our D 50 Dispensing Gun for Easy-Mix Adhesives is engineered by Weicon in Germany, works with over 10 grades of adhesive and is very easy to use.

Data Cable Stripper No. 30

Fast and accurate stripping of many types of data cables. Our No. 30 Data Cable Stripper is used on phone cables, control cables, data cables, bus lines and more. The stripping blade can be precision set and it works on round cables up to 10mm Ø.

Dead Blow Hammer

Ideal for use with hollow punch tools. Our Allpax Dead Blow Hammers have a steel core, soft plastic exterior and textured handle for superior comfort. They have no exposed metal, are durable and long lasting.
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Dosing Tips for Weicon Super Glues

Dosing tips fit over the top of the super glue nozzle and allow for incredibly accurate application in highly controlled doses. Economical and very easy to fit, these make life a lot easier when you’re gluing really tiny spots.
From $3.63

Double Nozzle Attachment for Weicon Sprays

A versatile spray head that combines a mist function for large surface areas and a spray tube option for precision dosage in hard to access areas. This easy to install spray head works with over 45 Weicon sprays.

Dovetail Punch Kit - AX1855

Made in the USA, easy to use and very long lasting. Our Dovetail Punch Kit is used for making interlocking joins on larger flange gaskets, cork, sponge and rubber sealing strips.

Duo Crimp Stripper No. 300

A very versatile tool that combines stripping, crimping and cutting into one. Our Duo Crimp Stripper No. 300 has an automatic scanner for removing insulation and can be used with cables between 0.5mm² and 6mm² cross-section.

Duo Stripper No. 200

A versatile tool for stripping small wires and cables and dismantling larger ones. Our Duo Stripper No. 200 is fast, simple and easy to use.

Easy Opener Tool

A specially designed tool made for opening sensitive enclosures. Our Weicon Easy Opener is especially good at opening clipped housings and features 3 different leverage points and a surface that is strong yet flexible enough to not damage surfaces.

Easy-Mix PE-PP 45 Dispenser

High quality gun made for our PE-PP 45 Adhesive for Polyethylene and Polypropylene. This gun has a hardened piston to process this adhesive and ensures perfect mix ratios are achieved every time.


A specially developed to keep them out of harm’s way when working with flogging spanners, hydraulic torque equipment or impact wrenches. Available in three sizes.
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FlangeKing Gasket Removal & Changing Tool

A professional-grade tool designed to help workers quickly and safely remove old gaskets and install new ones. The FlangeKing has been engineered from quality materials for long lasting performance and ease of use.

Flexy Contour Scraper

A specially designed tool for applying pasty adhesives and levelling off compounds. Designed to be ergonomic, effective and easy to use.

Forged Cable Cutter

A strong, durable cutter that cuts cables cleanly without distorting the cable. Cuts solid, stranded or flexible Copper cable and stranded Aluminium cable.

Hand Held Spray Dispenser, Special

A specially developed spray dispenser for aggressive liquids. Suitable for use with powerful fluids such as Weicon Cleaner S, Brake Cleaner and Rust Remover. 500ml Capacity.