Cable Management

Heat Shrink End Caps with Glue Lining

For protecting and sealing the ends of cables while they’re not in use, our Heat Shrink End Caps are all supplied with a thick layer of hot melt adhesive for a good, lasting seal. Available in 12 sizes to suit cables (and ropes) between 2mm Ø and 158mm Ø.

From $1.20

Nylon Adhesive Cable Tie Mount

Available in black or natural nylon colours our Nylon Adhesive Cable Tie Mounts are a simple option for helping organise your bundled wires, cables, leads and pipes. Each has a peel-off adhesive backing, can be threaded quickly and bonds to most surfaces.

From $3.80

Nylon Cable Ties, Grade 66

Strong, reliable and easy to use. Our Nylon Cable Ties are available in a large range of sizes. A must have in every tool box and garage.

From $1.19

Nylon Corrugated Conduit

Quality, Australian-Made Nylon Corrugated Conduit Tube available in a selection of sizes. Excellent resistance to temperature with good toughness and flexibility. This conduit is UV stabilised, self-extinguishing and very durable.

From $12.45

Nylon UV Resistant Cable Ties

Strong and long lasting. These high quality cable ties are designed for the harsh Australian sun and have been tested to ensure 7+ years of durability. Available in a range of sizes for fixing different size wires, pipes, poles, cables and lights.

From $1.31