Thermal Insulation Tapes

Thermal Insulation Tape is often used for pipe lagging, exhaust lagging or making high temperature gaskets. Our range includes the widely used Fibreglass Exhaust Lagging Tape as well as more specialised offerings like our Aramid Tape (often referred to as Kevlar Tape). These are offered in a variety of sizes and, wherever possible, in short as well as bulk lengths.

Fibreglass Ladder Tape - High Temperature Tape for Seals and Gaskets

A specialised high temperature tape made to allow for bolts to be pushed through the centre. Fibreglass Ladder Tape withstands 550°C and is ideal for furnace and oven door sealing and other kinds of high heat insulation work.

From $41.25

Kevlar Aramid Tape

A light, flexible and extremely tough cloth. Aramid fibre tape (more commonly known as Kevlar fibre or Kevlar tape) is able to withstand temperatures up to 340°C and provides excellent resistance to abrasion and tearing.

From $2.70

Rewettable Fibreglass Cloth Lagging - Pre-Slit Rolls

Convenient, easy to use pre-slit rolls of our Rewettable Fibreglass Cloth Lagging. These rolls are 150mm Wide x 10 Metres Long and can be wet, wrapped around parts and set hard. They resist up to 540°C.

From $65.00

Silicone Coated Fibreglass Fabric Tape - Black, 1.6mm Thick

1.6mm thick premium quality fibreglass cloth coated on both sides with a black silicone. These high temperature, non-adhesive tapes withstand 250°C, abrasion, moisture and most chemicals. Available in a selection of sizes.

From $19.78