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Ceramic Insulation Rope, Twisted

A very high temperature insulating rope designed for demanding applications. Our Twisted Ceramic Insulation Rope withstands up to 1200°C and is available by the metre in a large range of diameters.
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Fibreglass Rope Lagging Insulation GFR1

A high temperature insulation rope for wrapping pipes, sealing oven doors and making high temperature gaskets. Fibreglass Rope Lagging GFR1 is extremely soft and flexible. It withstands up to 550°C. Available in a range of sizes.
From $70.91

Refrasil Rope Insulation (Per Metre)

A high-density heat resistant rope used for making door seals and gaskets in applications up to 982°C. Refrasil Rope is extremely durable, strong and very easy to handle. Available by the metre in a range of sizes.
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One of the most important factors to consider when choosing a thermal insulation product is temperature resistance.

The table below provides a quick snapshot of the maximum continuous operating temperature of each of our main types of heat resistant ropes and square packings. 

For (a lot) more information on the capabilities and benefits of any individual product, please click through to its' product page.

      Material             Max. Continuous Temperature      
      Ceramic Insulation Rope             1,200°C      
Ceramic Square Packing                   800°C      
Fibreglass Braided Rope Seal       538°C
Fibreglass Rope Lagging (GFR1) 550°C
Fibreglass Square Packing 500°C
Refrasil Rope Insulation (Silica) 982°C
Wood Fire Stove & Heater Sealing Kits
HT 300 High Temp Silicon


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