Rigid Electrical Insulation Sheets & Materials

Epoxy Rod – Fibreglass Reinforced Round Bar

High strength with good electrical properties, our Fibreglass Reinforced Epoxy Rod is ideal for making custom insulators and machined parts. Available online now in a huge range of sizes.

From $22.41

Fabric Bakelite Rod

A tough, strong and durable form of rigid rod. Fabric Bakelite rod is available in sizes ranging from 10mm dia up to 130mm dia and combines excellent machinability and electrical insulation performance with an economic price.

From $19.10

Fabric Bakelite Sheet

An economical grade of hard wearing plastic, Fabric Bakelite Sheet combines good electrical properties and excellent mechanical strength with an economic price. It is available in a large selection of thicknesses and sizes.

From $7.15

GPO3 Insulation Board - Ultratrac H950

A strong, high voltage heat resistant laminate. Our H950 GPO3 Insulation Board is used for making all kinds of electrical insulation and mechanical components. Withstands up to 160°C and available in multiple sheet sizes & thicknesses.

From $12.38

Isoval 11 - G11 Epoxy Fibreglass Sheet

A strong, tough and highly machinable board that can withstand temperatures up to 180°C. Isoval 11 has excellent electrical insulation properties and is available in a huge range of thicknesses.

From $9.26

Silicone Bonded Mica Sheet

A silver-grey insulation material with very good temperature tolerance and dielectric strength. Silicone Bonded Mica withstands up to 500°C and is available in a selection of sheet sizes.

From $14.20