Ropes & Cords

Aramid Twisted Insulation Rope (Kevlar Rope)

For applications up to 350°C. Aramid Twisted Insulation Rope is very strong and has excellent resistance to abrasion. It resists tearing and stretch and is unaffected by many chemicals. This tough and strong heat insulating rope is available by the metre.

From $6.85

Fibreglass Rope Lagging Insulation GFR1

High temperature insulation rope for wrapping pipes, sealing oven doors and making high temperature gaskets. Fibreglass Rope Lagging GFR1 is extremely soft and flexible. It withstands up to 550°C.

From $48.40

Fibreglass Rope Seal - High Density, High Temperature Rope Gasket

A high density grade of braided heat resistant fibreglass rope. Available by the metre, this round rope is ideal for making high temperature door, window and access point seals and gaskets.

From $2.55

Polyester Braided Rope - VB Cord

Lightweight, very strong and extremely long lasting. Our Braided Polyester Rope (VB Cord) is an economical rope that is suitable for use in a huge range of applications. Available in a selection of sizes.

From $22.76

Refrasil Rope - High Temperature Silica Braided Cord

A high-density heat resistant rope used for making door seals and gaskets in applications up to 982°C. Refrasil Rope is extremely durable, strong and very easy to handle. It’s available by the metre in a selection of sizes.

From $28.50