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Alu Grinding Protection Spray - 400ml

A specialised spray used on all kinds of grinding and sanding abrasives. Alu Grinding Protection Spray prevents clogging and acts as a cooling lubricant on the abrasive to increase useful life by up to 350%.

Bio-Cut Cutting Oil Lubricant

A professional-quality cutting oil, Weicon Bio-Cut significantly reduces friction and enables superior cutting and finishing. Suitable for use in a variety of metal working applications and trusted around the world.
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Bio-Cut Cutting Oil Spray - 400ml

An easy to use, highly effective lubricant for sawing, drilling, punching, grinding and reaming tools. Bio-Cut Spray increases tool life, allows for higher cutting speeds, and assists with achieving high quality finishes.

Chewing Gum Remover Spray - 400ml

The clean and easy way to remove old chewing gum. Chewing Gum Remover Spray freezes the gum to break the adhesive bond and makes clean removal easy.

Contact Spray - 400ml

A quality spray for maintaining electrical connections and contacts. Our Contact Spray dispels moisture and prevents current leakage. Used on all kinds of electrical devices, equipment, connections and components.

Label Remover Spray - 500ml

Fast and highly effective; Label Remover Spray makes removing adhesive labels and adhesive residues easy. It can be used on glass, metal, wood, plastic, foil and most other surfaces types.

Mould Release Agent Spray - 400ml

A silicone free sliding and release agent with excellent anti-adhesive properties. Mould Release Agent Spray is used anywhere you need to stop adhesion to plastic or metal surfaces, tools or moulds.

Mould Release Wax P500

A high quality mould release wax from Weicon in Germany. This extremely effective release agent is compatible with both Epoxy and Urethane Casting Compounds and perfect for casting with rough or porous surfaces. Available in two sizes.
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Rust Converter Liquid

A special fluid that permanently neutralises rust and creates a base coat in just one process. Rust Converter can be used on all kinds of rusted metal and can be painted over once dry.
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Rust Converter Spray - 400ml

A special spray that permanently neutralises rust and creates a base coat in just one process. Rust Converter can be used on all kinds of rusted metal and can be painted over once dry.

Rust Loosener and Contact Spray - 400ml

A great option for loosening surface rust or rust on small parts, Rust Loosener and Contact Spray also dispels moisture, protects against corrosion and is an excellent metal cleaner. This versatile spray is ideal for anyone in production or maintenance.

Rust Shock Spray - 400ml

A fast acting and high-powered spray. Rust Shock is used on rusted bolts, fasteners and threaded connections to break the rust and make disassembly easy.

Sealant and Adhesive Remover Spray - 400ml

A powerful solvent that removes old, hardened residues from all kinds of adhesives and sealants. Works on all kinds of surfaces and can also be used to strip paints and lacquers. Fast, effective and very easy to use.

Silicone Spray - 400ml

An industrial grade silicone lubricating spray with an enormous variety of uses. Weicon Silicone Spray can be used for lubricating metal parts, protecting rubber, protecting electrical contacts and in many other places in the home, workshop or office.