Solvents & Release Agent Sprays & Liquids

Alu Grinding Protection Spray

A specialised spray used on all kinds of grinding and sanding abrasives. Alu Grinding Protection Spray prevents clogging and acts as a cooling lubricant on the abrasive to increase useful life by up to 350%.

From $21.46

Anti-Spatter Spray – Industrial Grade Welding Protection

An industrial-grade welding protection spray that is very effective. Anti-Spatter Spray stops welding spray from sticking to the welding nozzle or to surfaces around the target area. Once applied, it keeps you weld nozzle clean.

From $15.90

Chewing Gum Remover Spray

The clean and easy way to remove old chewing gum. Chewing Gum Remover Spray freezes the gum to break the adhesive bond and makes clean removal easy.

From $33.45

Label Remover Spray

Fast and highly effective; Label Remover Spray makes removing adhesive labels and adhesive residues easy. It can be used on glass, metal, wood, plastic, foil and most other surfaces types.

From $24.15

Mould Release Agent Spray

A silicone free sliding and release agent with excellent anti-adhesive properties. Mould Release Agent Spray is used anywhere you need to stop adhesion to plastic or metal surfaces, tools or moulds.

From $19.05

Rust Converter Spray

A special spray that permanently neutralises rust and creates a base coat in just one process. Rust Converter can be used on all kinds of rusted metal and can be painted over once dry.

From $31.95

Rust Loosener and Contact Spray

A great option for loosening surface rust or rust on small parts, Rust Loosener and Contact Spray also dispels moisture, protects against corrosion and is an excellent metal cleaner. This versatile spray is ideal for anyone in production or maintenance.

From $16.80

Rust Shock Spray - The Chemical Wrench

A fast acting and high-powered spray. Rust Shock is used on rusted bolts, fasteners and threaded connections to break the rust and make disassembly easy.

From $26.30