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Aramid Packing Style 300 (Per Metre)

A strong, dense and very durable packing made from interlock braided aramid fibres. Our Aramid Packing Style 300 is lubricated with PTFE and is very resilient for long lasting performance in demanding applications.
From $7.50

Graphite Packing Style 3000G (Acrylic Yarn)

A general purpose style of packing made in the USA. This type is used for pump and valve sealing and combines long lasting acrylic fibres with the low friction performance of graphite. It’s available, by the metre.
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Packing Hooks - Flexible Extractors

High quality, packing extractors with a corkscrew style tip. Our Flexible Packing Hooks are designed for removing old packing from stuffing boxes and are flexible enough to work around obstructions.
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PTFE Packing Style 3000T (Acrylic Yarn)

PTFE Packing Style 3000T is a general purpose type of gland packing able to be used to seal in pumps and valves. Made with a PTFE lubricant it is tough, long lasting and very low friction. It is available by the metre.
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Ramie and Flax Marine Packing Style 921

Style 921 Packing in a range of sizes; this economical grade of general purpose gland packing designed for marine sealing applications. This low friction packing is available by the metre and is easy to work with and long lasting.
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Sure-Cut Packing Cutters - Industrial Packing Scissors

Heavy duty scissors designed for cutting gland packing. These industrial packing scissors can cut through 25mm² packing for 90° butt joins or 16mm² for 45° skive joins. Ideal for anyone making packing rings on a repeated basis.

Below you'll find a quick comparison table detailing some of the more important attributes of our various types of pump and valve packings. 

      Type             Base Fibre       Lubricating
Key Feature
      Style 300       Aramid       PTFE 260°C High Abrasion Resistance
Style 344                   PTFE       PTFE 260°C Pure PTFE Packing
      Style 344FDA             PTFE       PTFE 260°C Food Grade PTFE Packing
Style 3000G                   Acrylic       Graphite 260°C Economical Graphite Packing
      Style 3000T             Acrylic       PTFE 260°C Economical PTFE Packing
Style 5000                   Graphite       Graphite 455°C 100% Pure Graphite
      Style 8000T             Gore GFO       Gore GFO 260°C Teflon® & Graphite Hybrid
Style 921                   Ramie & Flax       Tallow & Wax 104°C Most Economical Packing