Anti-Corrosion & Surface Coating Sprays & Liquids

Aluminium Spray A-100 - Abrasion Resistant Coating for Aluminium

A specialised spray designed to restore, coat and protect metal surfaces. Aluminium Spray A-100 is made with high purity aluminium pigments and creates a surface coating that not only looks good, but protects against corrosion and abrasion.

From $22.30

Aluminium Spray A-400 - Bright Grade Aluminium Coating

Used to coat, enhance and protect all kinds of metal surfaces from corrosion. Aluminium Spray A-400 provides a bright surface finish and is ideal for restoration and coating work in the automotive, marine, DIY, hobby, HVAC and engineering sectors.

From $22.30

Brass Spray - For Metal Colouring, Coating and Protection

A highly effective brass-coloured spray used on all kinds of metal surfaces. Brass spray is very simple to use, long lasting and is ideal for repairs, decorating, transforming old metal parts and surfaces and repairs to yellow chrome-plated surfaces.

From $23.60

Chrome Silver Spray

A high quality metal spray that creates a high gloss, semi reflective finish. Chrome Silver Spray is made from very high purity metal pigments and is very easy to use. Ideal for dressing up old parts and all kids of decorative work.

From $21.85

Copper Spray

An easy to use, long lasting and very effective metal spray. Copper Spray is made with real, high-purity copper pigments and creates a lasting coat that looks just like copper whilst also resisting corrosion.

From $23.35

Corro-Protection Spray – Rust Prevention for All Surfaces

Coats and protects all kinds of surfaces from rust and corrosion. Corro-Protection Spray creates a dry, waxy film that prevents moisture reaching the protected part thereby eliminating the chance of corrosion. Perfect for seldom used parts and tools.

From $19.90

Galva Spray – Anti-Corrosion Protection

Professional-Grade Rust Protection. Our Galva Spray is made with a combination of high-purity Zinc and Aluminium and provides very long-lasting corrosion protection for all kinds of metal. Colour matched to hot dip galvanised metal.

From $23.60

Rust Converter Spray

A special spray that permanently neutralises rust and creates a base coat in just one process. Rust Converter can be used on all kinds of rusted metal and can be painted over once dry.

From $31.95

Rust Protection 2000 Plus Spray

Designed for permanent rust and corrosion prevention, Rust Protection 2000 Plus Spray is extremely long lasting, abrasion and weather resistant. It is used to protect all kinds of metal parts and surfaces and is available in two colours.

From $27.20

Stainless Steel Spray

Our Stainless Steel Spray is made with high purity stainless pigments, works on most surfaces and is very long lasting. It looks just like matt finish stainless, protects against corrosion, withstands chemicals and can be used indoors or outdoors.

From $23.90

Stainless Steel Spray - Bright Grade

A brighter grade of Stainless Steel Spray that has a finish similar to treated stainless (V2A, V4A). This quality spray is able to be used with most materials, is extremely corrosion resistant and ideal for restoring, protecting or decorating.

From $23.88

Zinc Spray - Bright Grade

A very high quality and long lasting form of corrosion protection. Zinc Spray Bright Grade is coloured to match new hot dip galvanised surfaces, can be used indoors and outdoors and protects all types of metal parts and surfaces.

From $21.10

Zinc Spray - Cold Galvanising Corrosion Protection

Very high quality corrosion protection spray made with 99.9% pure Zinc Flakes. Zinc Spray adheres to all kinds of metal and creates a permanent protective layer that prevents rust and corrosion. Coloured to match the appearance of slightly-weathered zinc.

From $22.90

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