Heat Insulation

High Temperature Heat Insulation Products including Aramid and Fibreglass Tapes, Refrasil Silica Insulation Cloth and Fibreglass Pipe Lagging from Swift Supplies Online AustraliaWhen you need to protect equipment and personnel from high temperatures, our range of heat insulation products can be critical.

All of our heat insulation solutions are premium, industrial grade products that are designed to be both highly reliable and long lasting. We only work with the best products because, especially here, the cost of a cheaper alternative in terms or risk, potential damage and change-over time can simply be too great.

This category includes our high temperature heat insulation tapes (in both Aramid and Fibreglass), insulating ropes and heat resistant laggings and our high temperature woven cloths. Between them, these products cover everything from making wicks for fire twirling equipment, insulating exhausts, wrapping high temperature pipes, to making welding blankets and custom insulation covers that will withstand over 900°C.

Each product page contains a lot more information on what each material is capable of but if you would like a little more assistance, or have questions about what to do with your specific requirements, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We’ll be happy to assist in any way we can.

Adhesive Fibreglass Tape with High Temperature Silicone Adhesive

An adhesive backed insulation tape designed for high temperatures. Our Fibreglass Tape with Silicone Adhesive withstands 180°C, is very conformable and bonds well to most materials and surfaces. Available in a selection of widths.

From $11.75

Aluminium Foil Coated Fibreglass Insulation Fabric - 0.8mm Thick

Premium Quality, 0.8mm Thick, Fibreglass Cloth coated on one side with Aluminium Foil. This flexible, durable insulation can withstand 260°C and is ideal for all kinds of heat resistant sealing & protective applications.

From $72.24

Aramid Twisted Insulation Rope (Kevlar Rope)

For applications up to 350°C. Aramid Twisted Insulation Rope is very strong and has excellent resistance to abrasion. It resists tearing and stretch and is unaffected by many chemicals. This tough and strong heat insulating rope is available by the metre.

From $6.85

Ceramic Packing, Square, With Fibreglass Reinforcement

A high density, square insulation packing for sealing doors, man-ways and insulating parts. Our Ceramic Braided Packing will withstand 800°C (or 1200°C in some circumstances) and is available in a large range of sizes.

From $7.96

Fibreglass Exhaust Wrap Tape

Capable of withstanding ongoing exposure to up to 550°C, Fibreglass Exhaust Wrap Tape is flexible, strong and easy to work with. This economical grade of tape is available in a selection of thicknesses and widths.

From $10.15

Fibreglass Ladder Tape - High Temperature Tape for Seals and Gaskets

A specialised high temperature tape made to allow for bolts to be pushed through the centre. Fibreglass Ladder Tape withstands 550°C and is ideal for furnace and oven door sealing and other kinds of high heat insulation work.

From $41.25

Fibreglass Rope Lagging Insulation GFR1

High temperature insulation rope for wrapping pipes, sealing oven doors and making high temperature gaskets. Fibreglass Rope Lagging GFR1 is extremely soft and flexible. It withstands up to 550°C.

From $48.40

Fibreglass Rope Seal - High Density, High Temperature Rope Gasket

A high density grade of braided heat resistant fibreglass rope. Available by the metre, this round rope is ideal for making high temperature door, window and access point seals and gaskets.

From $2.55

GPO1 High Temperature Insulation Board - HST-II

A strong, rigid electrical insulation material that can withstand temperatures up to 220°C. HST-II GPO1 Insulation Board is used for making high temperature electrical insulation parts and is available in a large selection of sizes.

From $7.65

Kevlar Aramid Tape

A light, flexible and extremely tough cloth. Aramid fibre tape (more commonly known as Kevlar fibre or Kevlar tape) is able to withstand temperatures up to 340°C and provides excellent resistance to abrasion and tearing.

From $2.70

Premium Quality Woven Fibreglass Cloth – Plain Weave, 2.77mm Thick

A 2.77mm thick grade of premium fibreglass cloth. Ideal for making high strength, high temperature welding blankets, covers, pipe wraps and more. This cloth has a plain finish and is available by the lineal metre.

From $97.70

PTFE Coated Glass Fabric - Non-Adhesive

A high temperature, chemical resistant cloth with a smooth surface finish that is anti-stick, low friction and abrasion resistant. PTFE Coated Glass Fabric is available in a selection of thicknesses and has a variety of different uses.

From $50.32

Refrasil Abrasion Resistant High Temperature Cloth AR100

Available in 0.8mm & 1.5mm thick, Abrasion Resistant Refrasil Cloth withstands temperatures up to 982°C. This tough, long lasting thermal insulation material is very long lasting, easy to work with and versatile.

From $80.50

Rewettable Cloth Insulation Lagging - 1.5Mtr Wide by the metre

A specialised type of insulation cloth that can be wet, wrapped around parts and sets hard. Rewettable Cloth is very easy to work with and withstands up to 540°C. Available by the metre in 1500mm wide cloth.

From $35.65

Rewettable Fibreglass Cloth Lagging - Pre-Slit Rolls

Convenient, easy to use pre-slit rolls of our Rewettable Fibreglass Cloth Lagging. These rolls are 150mm Wide x 10 Metres Long and can be wet, wrapped around parts and set hard. They resist up to 540°C.

From $65.00

Silicone Bonded Mica Sheet

A silver-grey insulation material with very good temperature tolerance and dielectric strength. Silicone Bonded Mica withstands up to 500°C and is available in a selection of sheet sizes.

From $14.20