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3M 1181 EMI Copper Foil Shielding Tape

Designed for shielding electro magnetic interference. 3M 1181 Copper Foil Tape consists of a solid and highly conductive copper foil layer coated on one side with a special, conductive, adhesive. Available in a selection of sizes.
From $26.11

3M 1245 Embossed Copper EMI Shielding Tape

Thin copper foil is coated on one side with an aggressive adhesive. This copper is then pressed so that the copper actually cuts through the adhesive and allows permanent, conductive contact between the copper and the application surface.
From $18.23

3M 427 Adhesive Aluminium Foil Tape

Available now in a selection of widths, 3M 427 Adhesive Aluminium Foil Tape is a high-performance tape used for sealing, bundling and reflecting heat and light. Fast delivery on all orders around Australia.
From $43.82

3M 56 Adhesive Polyester Electrical Tape, Yellow

A premium-grade polyester insulation tape with a rubber thermosetting, pressure-sensitive adhesive. 3M 56 Tape has excellent electrical strength, chemical resistance and conformability. This quality tape is available in a selection of sizes (widths).
From $11.87

3M 60 PTFE Tape with Silicone Adhesive

A versatile tape made with a non-stick PTFE film on one side and a silicone thermosetting adhesive on the other. Excellent temperature resistance, good adhesion and strong electrical insulation properties. Available in a range of sizes.
From $56.94

3M Scotch 23 Rubber Splicing Electrical Tape

A high quality grade of rubber self-fusing tape, 3M Scotch 23 Rubber Splicing Electrical tape has excellent conformability and is easy to use. It is used in environments with continuous temperature up to 90°C and allows a large degree of stretch.
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3M Scotch 24 Electrical Shielding Tape - 25mm Wide x 4.5 Metres

An open weave all metal tape made from tinned copper wires. 3M Scotch 24 Electrical Shielding Tape is fire resistant, corrosion resistant and compatible with all high voltage splicing and termination materials. Available now for fast dispatch.

3M Scotch 70 Self Fusing Silicone Tape 25mm Wide x 9.14 Metres

High quality self fusing silicone tape for demanding applications and long term performance. 3M 70 is grey, withstands elevated temperatures and has good UV resistance. This sealing tape fuses to itself instantly and is very long lasting.

3M Scotch Super 33+ Electrical Tape

A tough, black, abrasion resistant PVC electrical tape with an aggressive rubber-based adhesive that sticks to most surfaces. 3M Super 33+ is able to be used in all weather conditions and creates moisture-tight electrical and mechanical seals.
From $26.86

3M Scotchfil Electrical Insulation Putty - 38mm x 1.5 Metres

A highly flexible, soft and pliable insulating putty in tape form. 3M Scotchfil Insulating Electrical Putty is non-corrosive, withstands 80°C, self-fusing and can be easily applied to irregular objects using just finger-pressure.

3M Temflex 1610 PVC Tape

A thin, strong and highly conformable. 3M Temflex 1610 PVC Electrical Tape has a fast acting adhesive that works with most surfaces and can be smoothly wrapped around irregular objects. Available in a selection of colours.
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Adhesive Heat Shrink Tape

Quality electrical insulation tapes supplied with a layer of hot melt adhesive on one side. Our Adhesive Heat Shrink Tape is used for insulating busbars, repairing cable sheaths and sealing cable terminations and joints.
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Adhesive Nomex Insulation Tape

A high voltage electrical insulation tape made from DuPont Nomex Paper with an acrylic adhesive. Nomex Adhesive Insulation Tape has good dielectric properties, is flame retardant and Ul recognised.
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Adhesive Polyester Film Tape, Clear

A very thin, transparent adhesive tape available in a range of sizes (widths). Our Adhesive Polyester Film Tape provides very good electrical insulation, has a high strength, pressure-sensitive acrylic adhesive.
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Adhesive Polyester Film Tape, Yellow

A very thin adhesive tape with a bright yellow colouring. Our Adhesive Polyester Film Tape provides very good electrical insulation, has a high strength, pressure-sensitive acrylic adhesive and is available in a range of sizes (widths).
From $10.48

Adhesive Polyimide Tape

High temperature tape made from thin Polyimide film coated with a silicone adhesive. Ideal for high temperature electrical insulation applications, high temperature masking and more. Available in a range of sizes.
From $8.37

Automatic Cable and Wire Stripper No. 7 Magic

A professional grade cable stripper with incredible versatility. Automatically adjusting, our No. 7 Magic can be used with flexible, round cable between 0.5mm² and 16mm² cross section.

Automatic Cable Stripper No. 7 F Flat Magic

An Automatic Cable Stripper that adjusts to the size of the wire. This professional quality stripping tool can be used with many types of multi-strand flat cables as well as numerous round cables and wires.

Automatic Wire Stripper No. 5

An automatic wire stripper that works with cables between 0.2mm² and 6mm². Our No. 5 is fast, simple and easy to use. Made in Germany from premium materials, this stripper can be adjusted to bare different lengths of conductor.

Bootlace Crimper for 0.25mm to 2.5mm Ferrules

Our small Bootlace Crimping Tool is a fast, reliable and easy to use crimper. This tool is manufactured with cushioned handles and is compatible with all small size bootlace ferrules from 0.25mm² to 2.5mm².

Bootlace Pin Terminals - Single Conductor

Quality insulated ferrules available in a large range of sizes. Our Bootlace Pin Terminals for Single Conductors are made from tin plated copper with a Polyamide insulation sheath that is colour coded for conductors sizing.
From $4.58

Bootlace Pin Terminals - Twin Conductor

Insulated ferrules available in a range of sizes. Our Bootlace Pin Terminals for Twin Conductors are made from quality tin plated copper with a Polyamide insulation sheath. Colour coded for conductor size identification.
From $4.27

Swift Supplies solutions for electrical manufacturing and repair work covers everything from specialised cable through to very high voltage insulators.

Popular materials like Heat Shrink, Cable Lugs, PVC Electrical Tape and Bakelite boards are all stocked in a range of sizes. 

We are also pleased to be a leading supplier of industrial-grade insulation solutions. For these more demanding applications we can provide everything from genuine DuPont Nomex, High Voltage NMN and GPO1 Polyester Board insulation through to specialised solutions for EMI Shielding, motor balancing and rewinding.

Most of the rigid insulating boards as well as almost all of the flexible insulation materials can be provided custom fabricated on request. For help organising this, or assistance with product selection or anything else related to your electrical insulation requirements, please do contact us and we'll help the best we can