Special-Purpose Sprays & Specialised Liquids


Special Purpose Sprays including Air Dry Varnish, Leak Detection and Starter Spray from Swift Supplies Online Australia

Our range of special-purpose sprays have been developed to tackle particular jobs and applications. These include our incredibly sensitive Leak Detection Spray for finding even the smallest of leaks before they become big problems and Starter Spray, a high powered spray that makes getting all kinds of combustion egines started easy.

All-Round Sealing Spray

A versatile spray on seal that seals all kinds of small cracks, holes, pitting and more. Fast, simple and easy to use, All-Round Sealing Spray can be painted, works with most materials and is highly weather-resistant.

From $29.12

Alu Grinding Protection Spray

A specialised spray used on all kinds of grinding and sanding abrasives. Alu Grinding Protection Spray prevents clogging and acts as a cooling lubricant on the abrasive to increase useful life by up to 350%.

From $21.46

Anti-Spatter Spray – Industrial Grade Welding Protection

An industrial-grade welding protection spray that is very effective. Anti-Spatter Spray stops welding spray from sticking to the welding nozzle or to surfaces around the target area. Once applied, it keeps you weld nozzle clean.

From $15.90

Crack Testing Agent - Cleaner Spray

The 1st (and 3rd) step in the Weicon Crack Testing Dye Penetrant Flaw Identification System. Our Crack Testing Agent Cleaner Spray is a powerful industrial cleaner that can be purchased individually or as part of our flaw identification kit.

From $33.50

Crack Testing Agent - Developer Spray

The final step in our Weicon Crack Testing Dye Penetrant Flaw Identification System. Our Crack Testing Agent Developer Spray is easy to use and fast acting. Available individually and as part of our Crack Testing Flaw Identification Kit.

From $49.50

Crack Testing Agent - Penetrant Spray

The 2nd step in our Weicon Crack Testing Dye Penetrant Flaw Identification System. Our Penetrant Spray is very sensitive and ideal for finding small fissures, cracks or flaws before they spread. It is suitable for use with most surfaces.

From $49.50

Crack Testing Dye Penetrant Flaw Identification Kit

A fast, non-destructive and highly reliable way of testing metals, ceramics, plastics and other materials. Our Crack Testing Dye Penetrant Flaw Identification Kit helps you find small cracks, flaws and faults before they cause big problems.

From $118.05

Elmotherm Air Dry Liquid Varnish 009-0008

High performance electrical varnish available in 5 different colours. This liquid version of Elmotherm 009-0008 combines excellent electrical properties, a high thermal rating and consistent, high performance. Available in 5L or 20L containers.

From $163.83

Elmotherm Air Dry Spray Varnish 009-008

High quality, high performance varnish for electrical work. Elmotherm Air Dry Varnish provides a consistent, bright surface finish, offers excellent electrical properties and is available in a selection of colours.

From $23.89

Glyptal 1201 Red Enamel

A high-performance enamel coating with excellent chemical, oil, abrasion, heat and moisture resistance. Used for coating engines, tanks, metal, motors and much, much more.

From $89.35

Leak Detection Spray - Sensitive Leak Detecting Agent

The fast, easy and reliable way to find the smallest of leaks before they become big problems. Leak Detection Spray makes finding leaks on pipes, tanks, containers, hoses and fittings easy. Available now along with a demonstration video.

From $17.55

Smoke Detector Test Spray

An easy and safe option for testing your whole fire alarm unit. Smoke Detector Test Spray is highly effective, evaporates without leaving residues and contains no silicones or solids that could harm the fire alarm or impact future performance.

From $40.85

Starter Spray - The Easy Way To Get Engines Started

German-Engineered spray designed to make getting tricky and stubborn engines started simple. Starter Spray can be used on all kinds of combustion engines and is incredibly easy to use and very effective.

From $20.75