Masking & Floor Marking Tapes

Our selection of quality masking tapes includes a type for every need. The 3M Masking Tape range is synonymous with quality and performance and is available here in a wide range of widths. These include the very narrow (3mm wide) fineline tape used for modelling and complex paint jobs. We’ve worked hard to be able to offer these tapes in a full selection of widths so if you are after something that’s not standard, don’t hesitate to let us know as we’ll do our best to help out.

We are also pleased to offer a selection of floor marking tapes. Specifically, our 3M 471 Lane Marking. This is available in a selection of colours with custom sizes also available upon request.

3M 2214 Masking Tape

A very economical yet reliable grade of masking tape. Manufactured by 3M, this tape bonds well, is very flexible and can easily be applied to most shapes and surfaces. It can be torn by hand and is available in four different widths.

From $2.25

3M 2308 Masking Tape

3M 2308 Masking Tape has a crepe paper backing and a pressure sensitive rubber adhesive. This adhesive bonds well to almost all surface types, resists curling yet removes cleanly when required. A performance grade of masking tape for higher volume users.

From $3.95

3M Scotch 233+ Masking Tape

A premium grade of masking tape for when you simply can't compromise on quality. 3M Scotch 233+ Masking Tape is known for its distinctive green colour, excellent paint hold out and clean removal. It's available in a range of widths starting at just 3mm.

From $3.15

Adhesive Polyimide Tape

High temperature tape made from thin Polyimide film coated with a silicone adhesive. Ideal for high temperature electrical insulation applications, high temperature masking and more. Available in a selection of sizes.

From $7.20