Our Thread Lockers, Pipe Sealants and Liquid Gasket Adhesives are all Anaerobic Adhesives; special types of adhesive that cure only when deprived of air. This makes them perfect for sealing and sealing and locking threaded connections, close fitting pipes, bearing housings and other precision metal parts. They can even be used to create liquid gaskets on things like compressors. Our range of Weiconlock Anaerobic Adhesives include grades suitable for all kinds of applications and are all German engineered and made.

Weiconlock AN 302-22 Thread Locking Adhesive

Low strength, medium viscosity thread locker for locking threaded connections that you want to be able to disassemble in the future. AN 302-22 withstands 150°C and is vibration-proof. Perfect for automotive and marine thread locking applications.

From $18.05

Weiconlock AN 302-43 Thread Locking Adhesive

Medium viscosity and high strength thread locking adhesive. Weiconlock AN 302-43 is blue in colour and has been approved by DVGW for use with gas connections and KTW for use with drinking water.

From $18.85

Weiconlock AN 302-60 Thread Locking Adhesive for Passive Materials

A specialised type of anaerobic adhesive designed to work with passive materials (like aluminium, nickel, gold, zinc and chrome) without the need for an additional primer. 302-60 is a permanent thread locker with a high cure strength and temp. resistance.

From $20.60

Weiconlock AN 302-72 High Temperature Thread Locking Adhesive

A high temperature grade of thread locking adhesive able to withstand up to 230°C. 302-72 creates permanent, high strength bonds and seals and has a high viscosity which allows it to be used on threads up to M56.

From $20.25

Weiconlock AN 305-72 Liquid Gasket, Pipe Sealant and Thread Locker

High quality grade containing PTFE. AN 305-72 can be used for thread locking, pipe bonding and sealing, locking cylindrical assemblies or even for making liquid gaskets for close fitting metal flanges. DVGW and AGA approved for gas connections.

From $26.50

Weiconlock AN 305-74 Liquid Gasket Adhesive

An easy to use alternative to thin, cut gaskets for metallic flanges and assemblies. Weiconlock AN 305-74 Liquid Gasket Adhesive is easy to apply, cures with high strength, has a high viscosity and is able to cover gaps up to 0.5mm.

From $23.20

Weiconlock AN 306-20 Retaining Compound for Cylindrical Assemblies

High quality, high strength adhesive designed for permanent bonding and sealing of bearing housings, bushes, splines and close fitting metal parts. Approved for gas, potable water and oxygen sealing and withstands temperatures up to 200°C.

From $18.50