Specialised Tapes

Hi-Shrink Polyester Tape

A specialised type of heat shrink tape that is ideal for bundling, forming, debulking and consolidating. Dunstone Hi-Shrink Polyester Tape is manufactured in the USA, of exceptional quality and available in two sizes.

From $23.32

PetroGard Tape ST - Petrolatum Tape for Corrosion Protection

Available in a selection of widths, PetroGard Tape ST - Petrolatum Tape for Corrosion Protection can be used to protect a wide range of pipes, fittings and as an isolation and separating tape for roofing.

From $18.38

PTFE Thread Sealing Cord DF175

The easy way to seal threaded connections and permanently prevent leaks. Weicon Thread Sealing Cord is made from pure PTFE and eliminates the risk of tearing and separation of PTFE and carrier so often found with conventional Thread Sealing Tapes.

From $25.95

Sealon Adhesive PTFE Gasket Tape

A high-performance gasket tape made from pure, expanded PTFE. Sealon is ideal for making instant gaskets for all kinds of flanges, has great temperature resistance, very good chemical resistance and is fast, simple and easy to use.

From $76.85