Heat Insulation Tapes

Adhesive Fibreglass Tape with High Temperature Silicone Adhesive

An adhesive backed insulation tape designed for high temperatures. Our Fibreglass Tape with Silicone Adhesive withstands 180°C, is very conformable and bonds well to most materials and surfaces. Available in a selection of widths.

From $11.75

Fibreglass Exhaust Wrap Tape

Capable of withstanding ongoing exposure to up to 550°C, Fibreglass Exhaust Wrap Tape is flexible, strong and easy to work with. This economical grade of tape is available in a selection of thicknesses and widths.

From $10.15

Fibreglass Ladder Tape - High Temperature Tape for Seals and Gaskets

A specialised high temperature tape made to allow for bolts to be pushed through the centre. Fibreglass Ladder Tape withstands 550°C and is ideal for furnace and oven door sealing and other kinds of high heat insulation work.

From $41.25

Kevlar Aramid Tape

A light, flexible and extremely tough cloth. Aramid fibre tape (more commonly known as Kevlar fibre or Kevlar tape) is able to withstand temperatures up to 340°C and provides excellent resistance to abrasion and tearing.

From $2.70

Rewettable Fibreglass Cloth Lagging - Pre-Slit Rolls

Convenient, easy to use pre-slit rolls of our Rewettable Fibreglass Cloth Lagging. These rolls are 150mm Wide x 10 Metres Long and can be wet, wrapped around parts and set hard. They resist up to 540°C.

From $65.00

Silicone Coated Fibreglass Fabric Tape - Black, 1.6mm Thick

1.6mm thick premium quality fibreglass cloth coated on both sides with a black silicone. These high temperature, non-adhesive tapes withstand 250°C, abrasion, moisture and most chemicals. Available in a selection of sizes.

From $19.78