Gasket & Sealing Adhesives

Black Seal - Oil & Grease Resistant RTV Silicone

A very high quality silicone with excellent compatibility with oils and grease. Black Seal is perfect for sealing gearboxes, oil sumps, pumps, axles, tanks and flanges. It withstands temperatures up to 300°C and is available in multiple sizes.

From $13.86

Gasket Maker - Special Liquid RTV Gasket Silicone

Professional-Grade RTV Adhesive Sealant for making gaskets and seals. Gasket Maker is heat resistant, compatible with oils & fuels and permanently elastic. Available in red or black.

From $28.55

HT 300 High Temperature Silicone

Weicon HT 300 High Temperature Silicone is designed for prolonged exposure and long term performance in high temperatures. It withstands permanent exposure to 280°C and 300°C short-term. This one part silicone adhesive is red and highly elastic.

From $12.45

Weicon Plast-o-Seal Plastic Pipe Sealant

A permanently plastic universal sealant. Plast-o-Seal can be used to improve the performance of other gaskets or by itself on smooth, close fitting flanges. It’s ideal for sealing gearboxes, motor casings and tight fitting pipe connections.

From $18.80

Weiconlock AN 305-10 Flange Sealing Adhesive

A liquid gasket adhesive able to replace material gaskets for close fitting, metallic flanges, gearboxes and motor casings. This grade can tolerate gaps up to 0.5mm, is thick and easy to apply and cures with high strength. It withstands 200°C.

From $26.50

Weiconlock AN 305-72 Liquid Gasket, Pipe Sealant and Thread Locker

High quality grade containing PTFE. AN 305-72 can be used for thread locking, pipe bonding and sealing, locking cylindrical assemblies or even for making liquid gaskets for close fitting metal flanges. DVGW and AGA approved for gas connections.

From $26.50

Weiconlock AN 305-73 Flange Sealing Adhesive

A liquid gasket adhesive that allows easy disassembly when it’s required. Our Weiconlock AN 305-73 Flange Sealing Adhesive is ideal for sealing closely-mated flange connections on a wide range of equipment.

From $27.55

Weiconlock AN 305-74 Liquid Gasket Adhesive

An easy to use alternative to thin, cut gaskets for metallic flanges and assemblies. Weiconlock AN 305-74 Liquid Gasket Adhesive is easy to apply, cures with high strength, has a high viscosity and is able to cover gaps up to 0.5mm.

From $23.20