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Our range of technical sprays includes grades suitable for everything from lubrication, cleaning and general maintenance to corrosion protection, greasing and adhesion. These professional grade products are all high quality and very easy to use. With options available for every application (including food grade cleaning and lubrication, gas approved leak detection and permanent corrosion protection) you can rely on our sprays to make your job easier.

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3M 700 Adhesive Cleaner & Solvent

A fast acting, versatile and powerful cleaning spray, 3M 700 Adhesive Cleaner & Solvent is ideal for cleaning and preparing surfaces before bonding. It’s available in 350gm cans.

From $34.03

3M 74 Foam Fast Spray Adhesive

A fast tacking industrial grade adhesive spray that is ideal for bonding foams and fabrics. 3M Foam Fast Spray Adhesive creates soft (non-yellowing) bond lines and can be used with a wide range of materials.

From $38.74

3M 75 Repositionable Spray Adhesive

A specialised spray adhesive for temporarily holding parts in place. 3M 75 Repositionable Spray Adhesive is “tape-like” in its ability to instantly bond while supporting repeated lifting and repositioning.

From $35.76

3M 90 Hi-Strength Spray Adhesive

A strong, permanent spray-on adhesive that can be used with wood, decorative laminates, metal, fabric and many types of rubber and plastic. 3M 90 Hi-Strength Spray Adhesive is fast drying and very easy to use.

From $34.32

Adhering Grease Extra Strong Spray - High Performance Spray-On Lubricant

A high-performance spray on grease lubricant. Adhering Grease Extra Strong can be used for underwater applications, provides excellent corrosion resistance, lubrication and protection against aggressive fluids.

From $27.65

Adhesive Spray - Versatile and Strong Spray Adhesive

Adhesive Spray is the fast, simple and easy way to bond large, lightweight surfaces and materials. This spray works with most types of surfaces and materials and makes permanent bonding, mounting and fixing simple.

From $24.50

Adhesive Spray Extra Strong - Spray Adhesive for Heavy Duty Bonding

The easy way to create strong, permanent bonds. Adhesive Spray Extra Strong is very easy to use and works with most types of materials and surfaces.

From $24.90

Adhesive Spray For Detachable Joints - Repositionable Spray Adhesive

A fast-acting spray adhesive that allows for parts to be positioned after application. Our Adhesive Spray for Detachable Joints is transparent, does not discolour and can be used for temporary or permanent bonding. Ideal for crafts, DIY & professionals.

From $24.50

All-Round Sealing Spray

A versatile spray on seal that seals all kinds of small cracks, holes, pitting and more. Fast, simple and easy to use, All-Round Sealing Spray can be painted, works with most materials and is highly weather-resistant.

From $29.12

Alu Grinding Protection Spray

A specialised spray used on all kinds of grinding and sanding abrasives. Alu Grinding Protection Spray prevents clogging and acts as a cooling lubricant on the abrasive to increase useful life by up to 350%.

From $21.46

Aluminium Spray A-100 - Abrasion Resistant Coating for Aluminium

A specialised spray designed to restore, coat and protect metal surfaces. Aluminium Spray A-100 is made with high purity aluminium pigments and creates a surface coating that not only looks good, but protects against corrosion and abrasion.

From $22.30

Aluminium Spray A-400 - Bright Grade Aluminium Coating

Used to coat, enhance and protect all kinds of metal surfaces from corrosion. Aluminium Spray A-400 provides a bright surface finish and is ideal for restoration and coating work in the automotive, marine, DIY, hobby, HVAC and engineering sectors.

From $22.30

Anti-Spatter Spray – Industrial Grade Welding Protection

An industrial-grade welding protection spray that is very effective. Anti-Spatter Spray stops welding spray from sticking to the welding nozzle or to surfaces around the target area. Once applied, it keeps you weld nozzle clean.

From $15.90

AT-44 All-Round Lubricating Spray - Enhanced with PTFE

A professional-quality spray that combines lubrication, preservation, moisture displacement, rust prevention and cleaning powers into one. AT-44 All-Round Lubricating Spray is powerful, long lasting and very easy to use.

From $26.75

Brake Cleaner Spray

A versatile, multi-purpose cleaning spray designed especially for the automotive sector. Brake Cleaner Spray is typically used for cleaning oil, grease, dirt, grime and residues from car parts and evaporates without leaving behind messy residues.

From $14.45

Brass Spray - For Metal Colouring, Coating and Protection

A highly effective brass-coloured spray used on all kinds of metal surfaces. Brass spray is very simple to use, long lasting and is ideal for repairs, decorating, transforming old metal parts and surfaces and repairs to yellow chrome-plated surfaces.

From $23.60

Chain and Rope Lube Spray

A high-performance industrial lubricant spray with very strong adherence. Chain and Rope Lube Spray is ideal for lubricating wire ropes, chains and other types of equipment. It has excellent penetration properties, suppresses noise and repels water.

From $23.85

Chewing Gum Remover Spray

The clean and easy way to remove old chewing gum. Chewing Gum Remover Spray freezes the gum to break the adhesive bond and makes clean removal easy.

From $33.45

Chrome Silver Spray

A high quality metal spray that creates a high gloss, semi reflective finish. Chrome Silver Spray is made from very high purity metal pigments and is very easy to use. Ideal for dressing up old parts and all kids of decorative work.

From $21.85

Citrus Cleaner Spray

All-round cleaning spray based on citrus peel extracts. Citrus Cleaner Spray can be used to clean metal, plastic, glass, ceramic and many painted or lacquered surfaces and is pH neutral, non-corrosive and incredibly versatile.

From $23.35

Cleaner Spray S

An extremely powerful cleaner and degreaser, Cleaner Spray S can be used for cleaning all kinds of different surfaces and parts and evaporates without leaving behind any residues. Made in Germany, this versatile cleaning spray is available in 500ml cans.

From $15.00

Cockpit Spray – Engineered To Protect Car Interiors

Engineered to lubricate, protect and enhance vehicle interiors. Cockpit Spray creates a permanent, invisible film that rejects water, repels dust and improves the appearance of even older surfaces.

From $17.75

Copper Spray

An easy to use, long lasting and very effective metal spray. Copper Spray is made with real, high-purity copper pigments and creates a lasting coat that looks just like copper whilst also resisting corrosion.

From $23.35

Corro-Protection Spray – Rust Prevention for All Surfaces

Coats and protects all kinds of surfaces from rust and corrosion. Corro-Protection Spray creates a dry, waxy film that prevents moisture reaching the protected part thereby eliminating the chance of corrosion. Perfect for seldom used parts and tools.

From $19.90

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