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Adhering Grease Extra Strong Spray - 400ml

A high-performance spray on grease lubricant. Adhering Grease Extra Strong can be used for underwater applications, provides excellent corrosion resistance, lubrication and protection against aggressive fluids.

Anti-Friction Spray MoS2 - 400ml

A dry lubricant spray for highly stressed parts. Anti-Friction Spray MoS2 enables clean sliding lubrication and significantly reduces friction. It is suitable for use with a range of parts including sliding rails, conveyors belts, rollers and more.

Chain and Rope Lube Spray - 400ml

A high-performance industrial lubricant spray with very strong adherence. Chain and Rope Lube Spray is ideal for lubricating wire ropes, chains and other types of equipment. It has excellent penetration properties, suppresses noise and repels water.

PTFE Fluid Spray – Dry Lubricant, NSF Approved - 400ml

An effective lubricating spray that creates a dry, PTFE-rich film with low friction and good anti-adhesive properties. PTFE Fluid Spray is NSF H2 Approved for use in the Food and Beverage sectors and is easy to use, highly effective and very long lasting.

PTFE Spray - Dry Film Lubricant - 400ml

A highly effective lubricating spray based on PTFE. Weicon PTFE Spray is a dry film lubricant that reduces friction, wear and adhesion. It is grease-free, water-repellent and anti-corrosion with a high PTFE content and long lasting performance.

Silicone Spray - 400ml

An industrial grade silicone lubricating spray with an enormous variety of uses. Weicon Silicone Spray can be used for lubricating metal parts, protecting rubber, protecting electrical contacts and in many other places in the home, workshop or office.

Spray-On Grease NSF H1 - 400ml

NSF approved for use in food grade applications, our Spray-On Grease H1 effectively reduces friction on all kinds of equipment. Odourless, tasteless and able to withstand up to 160°C, this versatile lubricant spray is available in 400ml cans.

Spray-On Grease White, Universal Sprayable Grease - 400ml

A effective, long-lasting spray-able grease that is white in colour for easy identification of treated areas and continued performance. Spray-On Grease White has high adhesion, ageing and pressure resistance and provides wear reduction.

Top-Lube Fluid Spray - Food Grade Spray-On Lubricant - 400ml

A high quality, long-lasting lubricating spray NSF approved for use in the food and beverage sectors. Top-Lube Fluid has excellent bond strength, a high lubricating effect, repels water and suppresses noise. Used on all kinds of moving parts.

Top-Lube Spray - 400ml

A transparent, adhesive lubricant. Top-Lube Spray has excellent penetration and creeping properties and provides permanent lubrication through its high adhesive force. Used on all types of gears, springs, bolts, bearings and more.

Universal Spray-On Grease with MoS2 - 400ml

A versatile, high-performance lubricant that has a wide range of applications. Our Universal Spray-On Grease with MoS2 is a black, moly coating that is high pressure resistant and very long lasting. Suitable for use with all kinds of materials and parts.