Adhesive Lubricant & Grease Sprays

Adhering Grease Extra Strong Spray - High Performance Spray-On Lubricant

A high-performance spray on grease lubricant. Adhering Grease Extra Strong can be used for underwater applications, provides excellent corrosion resistance, lubrication and protection against aggressive fluids.

From $27.65

Chain and Rope Lube Spray

A high-performance industrial lubricant spray with very strong adherence. Chain and Rope Lube Spray is ideal for lubricating wire ropes, chains and other types of equipment. It has excellent penetration properties, suppresses noise and repels water.

From $23.85

Spray-On Grease H1 - Food Grade, High Temp Grease Spray

NSF approved for use in food grade applications, our Spray-On Grease H1 effectively reduces friction on all kinds of equipment. Odourless, tasteless and able to withstand up to 160°C, this versatile lubricant spray is available in 400ml cans.

From $40.37

Top-Lube Spray

A transparent, adhesive lubricant. Top-Lube Spray has excellent penetration and creeping properties and provides permanent lubrication through its high adhesive force. Used on all types of gears, springs, bolts, bearings and more.

From $25.10

Universal Spray-On Grease with MoS2

A versatile, high-performance lubricant that has a wide range of applications. Our Universal Spray-On Grease with MoS2 is a black, moly coating that is high pressure resistant and very long lasting. Suitable for use with all kinds of materials and parts.

From $27.95