Super Glues (Cyanoacrylate Adhesives)

High Strength, Industrial Grade Super Glues and Cyanoacrylate Adhesive from Weicon at Swift Supplies Online Australia

Our range of industrial grade super glues has been designed to cover all joining requirements. Engineered by Weicon in Germany, these high-quality glues are all cold-curing, one-part adhesives that are highly reliable, effective and easy to use.

Weicon VA 5000 THIX Thick, High Viscosity Super Glue Being Applied to a Door FrameWeicon Super Glues can be used to bond almost all kinds of materials and surfaces including metals, plastics, wood, ceramics, rubber, leather and glass. They cure within seconds to form a strong, durable bond with high peel and impact resistance.

The different types offered here vary according to material compatibility, cure time, temperature resistance, viscosity and more. For specialised requirements, we also stock a range of accessories that can make application easier (like our dosing tips) or increase the glues bond strength or the types of materials it can be used with (primers).

To make selecting the very best high strength super glue easy, we’ve also put together a comprehensive guide that explains the differences between the types, covers the attributes that could factor into selection, and provides a few tips on getting the most out of your super glue. You can access the guide here.

Contact Filler for Super Glues

A special type of accessory for super glues. Contact Filler enables you to use our Weicon Cyanoacrylate Super Glues to instantly fill gaps, holes, cracks and even out non-levelled surfaces. Once cured, it can be sanded or painted over.

From $9.45

Dosing Tips for Weicon Super Glues

Available in 4 sizes, dosing tips fit over the top of the super glue nozzle and allow for incredibly accurate application in highly controlled doses. Economical and very easy to fit, these make life a lot easier when you’re gluing really tiny spots.

From $1.65

Plastic Bonding Kit - Professional Quality Super Glue and Plastic Primer

Bond even the most difficult types of plastic with our professional-quality plastic bonding kit. Each kit contains a specially selected industrial grade super glue and our specialised Contact Primer for Polyolefins.

From $44.65

VA 250 Black High Viscosity, High Heat Rubber Filled Super Glue

A professional-grade cyanoacrylate designed for industrial-grade bonding. VA 250 Black is heat resistant (140°C), thick and strong. This special, rubber-filled super glue has excellent humidity resistance and residual elasticity.

From $29.15

VM 120 Super Glue for Metal

A special kind of super glue developed especially for bonding metal parts and components. VM 120 Super Glue for Metal is methyl ester based and has a slightly extended cure time to allow you a few seconds to position the parts after you apply the glue.

From $15.15

Weicon VA 100 Universal Industrial Super Glue

A highly versatile super glue that works with most material types without sacrificing bond strength. VA 100 is available in multiple sizes, is transparent and works with rubbers, metals, glass, ceramic, plastics, leather, wood and more.

From $4.65

Weicon VA 30 Black Rubber Filled Super Glue

VA 30 is a specialised super glue with greater residual elasticity, impact resistance, peel strength and temperature tolerance (140°C). This grade bonds well to most materials and is ideal for high humidity areas or those where temperatures change a lot.

From $20.60

Weicon VA 8312 Industrial Strength Super Glue

High strength, fast curing and low viscosity cyanoacrylate super glue. VA 8312 is highly compatible with plastic and rubber. This versatile glue also bonds well to metal, leather and balsa wood and has been ISEGA recognised for use with food technologies.

From $8.80

Weicon VA 8406 Industrial Super Glue

Very fast curing and compatible with a large variety of materials. Weicon VA 8406 Industrial Super Glue is highly reliable, creates strong bonds and can be used in a range of applications. It’s particularly good at bonding plastics and rubbers.

From $8.40

Weicon VA Contact Gel Super Glue

A very thick and pasty type of cyanoacrylate, Contact Gel Super Glue works well with almost all materials and is slow curing to allow you to position objects after applying the glue. It’s perfect for bonding porous materials like leather, cork or sponge.

From $16.30

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