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Aluminium Minute Adhesive - 24ml

A strong, pasty glue made from epoxy filled with aluminium. This adhesive creates high strength bonds with excellent impact and peel strength. Especially suited for bonding, gap filling and repairs to Aluminium parts.

Aluminium Repair Stick

A putty for for quick and simple repairs to all kinds of metal surfaces, Aluminium Repair Sticks have a very fast pot life (4 min.) are aluminium-grey in colour and non-rusting. They are easy to shape, bond well to metals and more.
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Aqua Repair Stick

An incredibly versatile repair putty. Aqua Repair Stick can be applied to wet surfaces or even underwater. It can be mixed and applied by hand and sets hard for permanent sealing, gap filling, bonding and patching.
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Concrete Repair Stick

An epoxy compound that is perfect for fast, simple and lasting repairs to concrete, bricks, stone and all kinds of masonry surfaces. Concrete Repair Sticks bond well, set hard and require no complex mixing to use. Available in two sizes.
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Copper Repair Stick

A copper-filled epoxy that is ideal for repairs to copper piping, components and parts. This putty is very easy to use, fast curing and able to be used with potable water systems. It bonds especially well to copper and other metals.
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Easy-Mix HT-180 High Temperature Epoxy Adhesive - 50ml

High temperature resistant epoxy glue that withstands 180°C continuous or 230°C short-term. Easy-Mix HT 180 is strong, impact and shock resistant and able to cover larger gaps (4mm). Ideal for bonding parts that will be powder coated or exposed to heat.

Easy-Mix Metal Epoxy Adhesive - 50ml

A strong, viscous and fast curing epoxy adhesive; Easy-Mix Metal is widely used for the permanent bonding of metal parts. It has a fast cure time and is extremely easy to use as a result of the Easy-Mix Dosing System.

Easy-Mix N 50 Epoxy Adhesive - 50ml

An extremely high strength adhesive, our Easy-Mix N 50 Epoxy is ideal for high strength bonding of metal, plastic, wood, ceramic, stone, glass and more. It offers a good amount of work time and is very easy to use thanks to the Easy-Mix Dosing System.

Easy-Mix N 5000 Epoxy Adhesive - 50ml

An extremely high strength adhesive, our Easy-Mix N 5000 Epoxy is ideal for high strength bonding of metal, plastic, wood, ceramic, stone, glass and more. It is clear once cured and very easy to use thanks to the Easy-Mix Dosing System.

Easy-Mix S 50 Epoxy Adhesive - 50ml

An extremely high strength adhesive, our Easy-Mix S 50 Epoxy is ideal for high strength bonding of metal, plastic, wood, ceramic, stone, glass and more. It cures fast and is very easy to use thanks to the Easy-Mix Dosing System.

Easy-Mix S 50 Yellow Epoxy Adhesive - 50ml Cartridge

An extremely high strength adhesive, our Easy-Mix S 50 Yellow Epoxy is ideal for visual casting and high strength bonding of metal, plastic, wood, ceramic, stone, glass and more. It cures fast and is very easy to use thanks to the Easy-Mix Dosing System.

Epoxy Casting Resin MS 1000

Unfilled epoxy resin designed for moulding, casting, bonding, surface coating or gap filling. Epoxy Casting Resin can be combined with various fibres or powders to create different appearances and sets hard. Widely used for maintenance and repair work.
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Epoxy Casting Resin Plus 90

An unfilled Epoxy Resin that sets crystal clear. This liquid epoxy can be applied in deep pours up to 90mm thick, bonds well to the vast majority of material types and sets strong with excellent durability.
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Epoxy Minute Adhesive - 24ml

Fast curing, high strength epoxy adhesive used on a wide range of materials. Epoxy Minute Adhesive can be dispensed by hand and requires no special tools. This adhesive is self-levelling, transparent and very easy to use.

Epoxy Resin Putty

A very versatile form of kneadable epoxy putty, Epoxy Resin Putty sets hard, bonds to most surfaces and materials and withstands 200°C. Used for all kinds of repair and maintenance tasks.
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Fast Metal Minute Adhesive - 24ml

A fast curing, high strength epoxy glue for joining metals, plastic, ceramics, glass, wood, stone and more. Fast Metal Minute Adhesive requires no measuring, has a very pasty consistency and can sets fast to form strong, long lasting joins.

Multi Repair Stick

A quick and easy to apply epoxy repair putty that is incredibly versatile and effective. This type is NSF approved for use with drinking water systems and in food preparation areas. It is also fast curing and non-corrosive.
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Plastic Metal A Steel Filled Epoxy Putty

A pasty, steel filled epoxy putty. Plastic Metal A sticks to most surfaces and materials and sets very hard. Once cured, it will be tough, resistant to chemicals and long lasting. Perfect for repairing cracked parts, tool surfaces & more.
From $68.78

Plastic Metal Ceramic BL Wear Resistant Epoxy

A pourable & brushable epoxy coating that protects surfaces from abrasion and wear. Ceramic BL is used to form a tough, long lasting coating to protect all kinds of components, surfaces and parts. Heat resistant to 180°C.
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Plastic Metal Ceramic W - 500gm Kit

A pasty, spreadable epoxy compound used as a protective coating or bonding agent. Plastic Metal Ceramic W is white, has excellent wear and abrasion resistance and can withstand up to 200°C.

Plastic Metal F

A pasty type of epoxy putty that is particularly good for repairing parts made from aluminium. Plastic Metal F is a two-part epoxy that is aluminium filled, non-corrosive and anti-magnetic. It sets hard to form a strong, durable layer.
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Plastic Metal F2

Epoxy resin filled with aluminium with a liquid, flowable consistency. Plastic Metal F2 is used for everything from making moulds and prototypes to repairing castings, holding devices and porous surfaces.
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Plastic Metal HB 300 Steel Filled Epoxy

An extremely strong, tough and long-lasting epoxy compound. HB 300 is a two-part, steel filled epoxy that is used for bonding, filling, lining, sealing and rebuilding damaged parts and surfaces. It handles up to 200°C (spikes to 280°C).
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Plastic Metal HP

Perfect for repairing surfaces, lining heavily worn parts and bonding larger areas. Plastic Metal HP is a high strength, mineral filled epoxy compound with excellent residual elasticity, abrasion resistance and more.
From $182.66

Plastic Metal ST Stainless Steel Repair Epoxy

An epoxy for repairs to stainless steel. Our Plastic Metal ST Epoxy Resin is a metal-filled and pasty. It is used for repairs to everything from machine parts and work pieces through to tanks, pipes, containers and SS flanges.
From $120.26

Plastic Metal TI

A high strength, pasty epoxy repair compound made with titanium fillers. Plastic Metal TI has higher temperature resistance and is widely used for repairs to pumps, valves, wear plates, shafts, propellers, pump housings and more.
From $125.90

Epoxies are used in all kinds of industrial, commercial, hobby and DIY applications. These extremely versatile products are known for their excellent bonding strength and ability to set hard. They are also available in a variety of different types for different jobs.

Our range of Epoxy Resin Based Adhesives covers many different kinds of epoxies. Within this range you will find everything from high strength bonding agents that work with all kinds of materials to specialised, filled epoxy compounds that can be moulded into shape or provide extreme wear and abrasion protection that is superior to steel. Because of the sheer number of products on offer, we’ve broken the range up into the following sections:

Epoxy Repair Sticks

Fast, simple and extremely versatile, Epoxy Repair Sticks are ideal for all kinds of repair and maintenance work. These putties can be used for sealing, gap filling, bonding, surface repair, hole filling and much, much more. There’s no complex mixing and they are very long lasting. Several different grades are available so you can choose the best one for you. Repairs to copper, aluminium, plastics, wood, steel, concrete, brick and even underwater objects are all covered.

We’ve also put together a guide to help you choose the best repair stick for you which can be found here.

Epoxy Adhesives for high strength bonding and gluing of all kinds of materialsEpoxy Adhesives

Here you will find our adhesives focused primarily on extremely strong bonding. These epoxy glues are all two-part adhesives but the complex mixing has been taken out of the equation through the special packaging. Each grade offers a different set of benefits (cure time, material compatibility, pot life, etc…) with more options being added all the time.


Weicon Plastic Metal Range of adhesives and wear protection compoundsPlastic Metal Epoxy Repair Systems

Ideal for fast, cost effective and durable repairs, bonding and coating of all kinds of materials. The Weicon Plastic Metal range includes several different types of epoxies that can be used for all kinds of DIY, industrial, construction and commercial applications.

All are two-part epoxies that are either pure epoxy (like our casting resin) or filled to modify their properties. This means there are grades capable of extreme temperature resistance (280°C), withstanding very high degrees of abrasion, creating high strength bonds, or rebuilding broken metal parts.