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AllPax Gasket Cutter Systems - Heavy Duty

Professional-Grade Gasket Cutter Systems used for cutting cork, rubber, felt, sponge, compressed fibre and more. Our Heavy-Duty Gasket Cutter Kits are engineered for simple, fast and accurate cutting and are very long lasting.
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AllPax Gasket Cutter Systems - Light Duty

Our Light Duty Allpax Gasket Cutter Systems are used for cutting ring and circular gaskets up to 152mm OD from rubber, fibre, felt, sponge, cork and more. Made in the USA, easy to use and very long lasting.
From $395.25

Allpax Hollow Hole Punch Sets

Heavy-duty hollow punches for creating holes in a range of materials like rubber, leather and cork. Available in a few different kit configurations with different numbers / sizes of punches.
From $722.34

Dead Blow Hammer

Ideal for use with hollow punch tools. Our Allpax Dead Blow Hammers have a steel core, soft plastic exterior and textured handle for superior comfort. They have no exposed metal, are durable and long lasting.
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Dovetail Punch Kit - AX1855

Made in the USA, easy to use and very long lasting. Our Dovetail Punch Kit is used for making interlocking joins on larger flange gaskets, cork, sponge and rubber sealing strips.

FlangeKing Gasket Removal & Changing Tool

A professional-grade tool designed to help workers quickly and safely remove old gaskets and install new ones. The FlangeKing has been engineered from quality materials for long lasting performance and ease of use.

Packing Hooks - Flexible Extractors

High quality, packing extractors with a corkscrew style tip. Our Flexible Packing Hooks are designed for removing old packing from stuffing boxes and are flexible enough to work around obstructions.
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Sure-Cut Packing Cutters - Industrial Packing Scissors

Heavy duty scissors designed for cutting gland packing. These industrial packing scissors can cut through 25mm² packing for 90° butt joins or 16mm² for 45° skive joins. Ideal for anyone making packing rings on a repeated basis.