Cleaning and Degreasing Sprays

3M 700 Adhesive Cleaner & Solvent

A fast acting, versatile and powerful cleaning spray, 3M 700 Adhesive Cleaner & Solvent is ideal for cleaning and preparing surfaces before bonding. It’s available in 350gm cans.

From $34.03

Brake Cleaner Spray

A versatile, multi-purpose cleaning spray designed especially for the automotive sector. Brake Cleaner Spray is typically used for cleaning oil, grease, dirt, grime and residues from car parts and evaporates without leaving behind messy residues.

From $14.45

Citrus Cleaner Spray

All-round cleaning spray based on citrus peel extracts. Citrus Cleaner Spray can be used to clean metal, plastic, glass, ceramic and many painted or lacquered surfaces and is pH neutral, non-corrosive and incredibly versatile.

From $23.35

Cleaner Spray S

An extremely powerful cleaner and degreaser, Cleaner Spray S can be used for cleaning all kinds of different surfaces and parts and evaporates without leaving behind any residues. Made in Germany, this versatile cleaning spray is available in 500ml cans.

From $15.00

Electro Contact Cleaner Spray

A specially formulated, professional-grade cleaner used on electrical parts and connections. Electro Contact Cleaner Spray effectively removes dirt, dust, oxide and sulphide layers and reduces voltage loss and the potential for contaminant-assisted arcing

From $24.10

Fast Cleaner Spray - NSF Approved Food Grade Cleaning Spray

Cleaning and Degreasing Spray designed for sensitives applications. Fast Cleaner Spray is a German-made cleaner that carries NSF registration for use in cleaning food preparation areas and many other places in the food, beverage and pharma industries.

From $22.90

Plastic Cleaner Spray

Designed specifically for use on sensitive surfaces, Plastic Cleaner Spray is fast and effective. It cleans plastic, rubber, powder coated and lacquered surfaces and evaporates without leaving residues. Available in 500ml easy-to-use aerosols.

From $16.95

Surface Cleaner Spray

A versatile cleaner, Surface Cleaner Spray is perfect for preparing parts and surfaces before they are bonded, sealed or painted. It can be used on most types of material and evaporates without leaving behind any messy residues.

From $20.80