Gaskets & Sealing


Whatever your sealing requirement, our range of gasket and sealing products has you covered. We’re pleased to be able to offer rubber, gasket paper, gland packing, cork, felt, sponge, foam, plastic and metal shim as well as sealing tapes and cords in a variety of styles. This allows you to select the very best fit for your needs.

Many of these allow you to make your own gaskets or seals in whatever size you require. To assist with this, we've made sure to offer all of our gasket and sealing products in as many different sizes as possible. 

316 Stainless Steel Shim

Available in a large selection of thicknesses and multiple sizes. 316 Stainless Steel Shim has excellent resistance to corrosion, is very strong, and is often used for lining, sealing and spacing work in corrosion protection or sanitary applications.

From $39.55

3M Scotch 70 Self Fusing Silicone Tape

High quality self fusing silicone tape for demanding applications and long term performance. 3M 70 is grey, withstands elevated temperatures and has good UV resistance. This sealing tape fuses to itself instantly and is very long lasting.

From $64.80

A Grade Industrial Felt

A strong, dense form of engineering grade felt. This grade can be cut to precise shapes and is very long lasting with exceptional abrasion resistance. It is available in sizes starting at 1.5mm thick and ranging up to 25.4mm.

From $21.00

Adhesive PVC Foam Tape (3100 Series)

Adhesive backed PVC Foam Tape is available in a wide range of thicknesses and widths. This tape is very easy to work with, suitable for outdoor use and water-tight at 30% compression. It's a little softer than our Neoprene Sponge Tape yet very durable.

From $11.70

Adhesive Sponge Rubber Neoprene Tape (6100 Series)

Available in a wide range of sizes and thicknesses, this easy to use tape is perfect for sealing narrow or tight gaps. It achieves water tight seals at just 10%, is adhesive backed and provides long lasting performance.

From $19.90

Alapin Industrial Gasket Material

A versatile, high quality grade of compressed gasket fibre. Alapin Industrial Gasket Material has very good compatibility with water, oil, fuels, oils, natural gas and a range of other media. Withstands up to 340°C and is available in a selection of sizes

From $24.75

B Grade Engineering Felt

B Grade Engineering Felt is a lower density alternative to our A Grade Industrial Felt. Compared to this other grade, it is also more economical and still offers excellent durability, wear resistance and a long service life.

From $13.30

Big Rib Rubber Mats - Cut to Size

Available in a selection of sizes and thicknesses, our Big Rib Rubber Mats are ideal for when you don’t need a whole sheet. Made from industrial-grade rubber, these mats have very good anti-slip and wear resistance properties.

From $18.35

Big Rib Rubber Matting - By The Metre

Anti-slip, hard wearing and very long lasting. Our Big Rib Rubber Matting material is available by the lineal metre in two thicknesses. This black rubber is easy to clean and used for all kinds of lining, protection and non-slip work.

From $66.85

Black Seal - Oil & Grease Resistant RTV Silicone

A very high quality silicone with excellent compatibility with oils and grease. Black Seal is perfect for sealing gearboxes, oil sumps, pumps, axles, tanks and flanges. It withstands temperatures up to 300°C and is available in multiple sizes.

From $13.86

Brass Shim

Half hard brass shim is available in sizes starting at just 0.05mm thick and ranging all the way up to 0.5mm. Thanks to its good corrosion and weathering resistance it’s ideal for indoor or outdoor use and can be cut and worked as required.

From $18.50

C6327 Gasket Material for Fuels & Oils

A conformable gasket material used at lower pressure and temperatures. C6327 has a high rubber content and swells when used with oils and fuels. It is ideal for sealing many low surface load applications and is potable water approved.

From $19.32

Chutex Red Lining Rubber

A special type of rubber with outstanding resistance to abrasion, wearing and tearing. Chutex Red Lining Rubber is used for rubber skirts, wear protection and heavy-duty lining applications. Available online now in a range of thicknesses.

From $82.50

Conafi General Purpose Gasket Sheet

Tough, strong and highly versatile. Conafi has been developed for industrial sealing applications and withstands a range of chemicals and media (including oils, fuels, water and weak acids) and will handle up to 220°C. Available in a range of sizes.

From $23.10