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3M 467MP Double Sided Adhesive Transfer Tape

An extremely thin (0.06mm) and transparent adhesive transfer tape. 3M 467MP works with a wide range of materials, has excellent temp. resistance and creates high strength bonds. 467MP is available in sizes from 6mm to 400mm wide.
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3M 4991 VHB Double Sided Adhesive Foam Tape

A grey 2.3mm thick double sided foam tape with 3M’s multi-purpose acrylic adhesive. This tape creates high strength bonds that can absorb joint movement and also creates watertight seals between bonded surfaces. Suitable for indoors & outdoors.
From $145.90

3M GPH High Temperature VHB Tape

A high-strength, high-performance double sided tape with a soft foam backing. Able to withstand short-term exposure to temperatures up to 230°C, 3M GPH VHB Tapes are ideal for bonding and sealing parts that will be powder coated.
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A3200 Clear Double Sided Adhesive Mounting Tape

A clear double sided adhesive tape. A3200 features a strong acrylic core with an acrylic adhesive that bonds to almost all surfaces and only increases in strength over time. The ideal tape for discrete, lasting mounting. Available in a selection of sizes.
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A3300 Grey Double Sided Adhesive Mounting Tape

A high strength double sided foam tape. This tape has high adhesive strength, a foam acrylic core to absorb joint movement and an adhesive that sticks to almost anything. Suitable for indoor and outdoor use and available in a range of sizes.
From $71.26

We’ve worked hard to select a range that covers most common bonding requirements and tried to offer these in a variety of widths and lengths so you can pick the best solution for you. This range includes 3M Double Sided Tape, 3M VHB Tape, Weicon Mounting Tapes and 3M Industrial Tapes (such as the 3M GPH High Temperature VHB Tape). 

Whether you need a really thin double sided adhesive tape (also known as adhesive transfer tape), or a thick double sided tape for mounting, our range has something for you. 

Double sided tapes are used for everything from joining dissimilar materials to bonding low surface energy plastics (such as HDPE) which can be difficult to do using glues.

Our range includes types for creating virtually invisible bonds, acrylic foam types for joining rouger surfaces or covering larger gaps, and types of sign making.

Many of these quality double sided tapes are cut to size in-house so if you can't find the exact width you're looking for online, please do contact us and we'll help whenever we can.