Anti-Seize Assembly Pastes & Sprays

Anti Seize Assembly Paste

Our standard grade of Anti Seize Assembly Paste is made from finely ground metallic compounds and a synthetic oil lubricant. It provides excellent protection against wear, prevents seizure, protects against corrosion and is very long lasting.

From $47.45

Anti Seize Compound High Tech

Anti Seize High Tech is a specialised form of Anti-Seize compound that is completely free of metal. Used for lubricating and protecting parts, this grade can withstand 1400°C, is NSF approved for food applications and is available in a selection of sizes.

From $13.45

Copper Anti Seize Paste

A tried and tested lubricating, protecting and separating compound. Weicon Copper Anti Seize Paste adheres to most surface types, withstands temperatures up to 1100°C and is available in a selection of pack sizes to suit any application.

From $8.70