Buy Industrial and Engineering Felt Online from Swift Supplies AustraliaEngineering Felt is a specialised type of felt sheet. It is manufactured to high tolerances and varied to produce the different grades you will find on our site. These felts can be used for a wide range of different applications though some of the more common ones include making felt washers, seals and gaskets, serving as a sound or vibration deadening material, wicking, controlled filtering and as (relatively) low temperature them insulation (they handle about 90°C).

All our industrial and engineering felts are made to the highest standards and provide robust long-term performance. Each is also available in a selection of thicknesses and in a choice of sheet sizes. Custom sizes can also be arranged on request.

A Grade Industrial Felt

A strong, dense form of engineering grade felt. This grade can be cut to precise shapes and is very long lasting with exceptional abrasion resistance. It is available in sizes starting at 1.5mm thick and ranging up to 25.4mm.

From $21.00

B Grade Engineering Felt

B Grade Engineering Felt is a lower density alternative to our A Grade Industrial Felt. Compared to this other grade, it is also more economical and still offers excellent durability, wear resistance and a long service life.

From $13.30