Flexible Heat Insulation Cloths & Materials

Premium Quality Woven Fibreglass Cloth – Plain Weave, 2.77mm Thick

A 2.77mm thick grade of premium fibreglass cloth. Ideal for making high strength, high temperature welding blankets, covers, pipe wraps and more. This cloth has a plain finish and is available by the lineal metre.

From $97.70

Refrasil Abrasion Resistant High Temperature Cloth AR100

Available in 0.8mm & 1.5mm thick, Abrasion Resistant Refrasil Cloth withstands temperatures up to 982°C. This tough, long lasting thermal insulation material is very long lasting, easy to work with and versatile.

From $80.50

Rewettable Cloth Insulation Lagging - 1.5Mtr Wide by the metre

A specialised type of insulation cloth that can be wet, wrapped around parts and sets hard. Rewettable Cloth is very easy to work with and withstands up to 540°C. Available by the metre in 1500mm wide cloth.

From $35.65

Silicone Coated Fibreglass Insulation Cloth - Red, By the Metre

A hybrid material that is made from a base layer of fibreglass fully coated on both sides with high temp silicone elastomer. Our Silicone Coated Fibreglass Cloth withstands high temperatures and is flexible, strong and easy to work with.

From $136.95

Superwool Plus High Temperature Insulation Blanket

A flexible, easy to work with and long lasting insulation wool. Superwool Plus Insulation Blankets withstand up to 1200°C, provide very good insulation performance and are available in a selection of sizes.

From $222.75

Superwool Plus Pre-Cut Insulation Blankets

Shorter lengths of our Superwool Plus High Temperature Insulation Blankets. Available by the lineal metre in all standard thicknesses, these are ideal for smaller insulation jobs and reducing wastage.

From $29.00