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Nomex Aramid Felt - By The Metre

Nomex® Aramid Felt is your go-to material for reliability and safety in high-temperature applications, providing unmatched performance where it matters most. Able to withstand up to 220°C, this quality felt is available by the metre.
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Superwool Plus Blankets - By the Metre

Available by the Metre in a range of thicknesses. Superwool is a flexible, high temperature insulation blanket that withstands up to 1200°C with very good heat breakdown and insulation performance.
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One of the most important factors to consider when choosing an insulating blanket, batt or textile is temperature resistance.

The table below provides a quick snapshot of the maximum continuous operating temperature of each of our main flexible insulation types. It's not a complete picture (e.g. Aluminium Coated FG actually handles quite a lot more if you don't mind if the adhesive between layers dissipates once it is in place) but it may help.

For (a lot) more information on the capabilities and benefits of any individual material, please click through to its' product page.

      Material             Max. Continuous Temperature      
      Aluminium Foil Faced Fibreglass             260°C      
Aramid Insulation Cloth                   340°C      
Blue Vertex       540°C
Irish Refrasil 1,260°C
Premium Quality Woven Fibreglass 540°C
PTFE Coated Glass Fabric Adhesive Backed 260°C
PTFE Coated Glass Fabric Non-Adhesive 260°C
Refrasil Abrasion Resistant Cloth (AR Series) 982°C
Rewettable Fibreglass Cloth 540°C
Silica Insulation Cloth Black Oxide 982°C
Silicone Coated Fibreglass Cloth 230°C
Superwool Plus 1,200°C