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AT-44 All-Round Lubricating Spray - 400ml

A professional-quality spray that combines lubrication, preservation, moisture displacement, rust prevention and cleaning powers into one. AT-44 All-Round Lubricating Spray is powerful, long lasting and very easy to use.

Fitting Spray - 200ml

A very effective lubrication spray for hinges, joints and fittings. Our Fitting Spray is free of silicones and solvents and reduces wear and friction, protects against corrosion, is weather resistant and suppresses squeaks.

PTFE Fluid Spray – Dry Lubricant, NSF Approved - 400ml

An effective lubricating spray that creates a dry, PTFE-rich film with low friction and good anti-adhesive properties. PTFE Fluid Spray is NSF H2 Approved for use in the Food and Beverage sectors and is easy to use, highly effective and very long lasting.

PTFE Spray - Dry Film Lubricant - 400ml

A highly effective lubricating spray based on PTFE. Weicon PTFE Spray is a dry film lubricant that reduces friction, wear and adhesion. It is grease-free, water-repellent and anti-corrosion with a high PTFE content and long lasting performance.

Rust Loosener and Contact Spray - 400ml

A great option for loosening surface rust or rust on small parts, Rust Loosener and Contact Spray also dispels moisture, protects against corrosion and is an excellent metal cleaner. This versatile spray is ideal for anyone in production or maintenance.

Silicone Fluid Spray NSF - 400ml

A highly effective lubricating spray for reducing friction & wear. This sliding agent can be used with all kinds of materials and surfaces and is fast acting and long lasting. Silicone Fluid Spray is NSF H1 Approved for Food Grade applications.

Silicone Spray - 400ml

An industrial grade silicone lubricating spray with an enormous variety of uses. Weicon Silicone Spray can be used for lubricating metal parts, protecting rubber, protecting electrical contacts and in many other places in the home, workshop or office.