Lubricating and Multi-Functional Sprays

AT-44 All-Round Lubricating Spray - Enhanced with PTFE

A professional-quality spray that combines lubrication, preservation, moisture displacement, rust prevention and cleaning powers into one. AT-44 All-Round Lubricating Spray is powerful, long lasting and very easy to use.

From $26.75

PTFE Spray - Anti-Friction Dry Film Lubricant

A highly effective lubricating spray based on PTFE. Weicon PTFE Spray is a dry film lubricant that reduces friction, wear and adhesion. It is grease-free, water-repellent and anti-corrosion with a high PTFE content and long lasting performance.

From $28.85

Silicone Spray

An industrial grade silicone lubricating spray with an enormous variety of uses. Weicon Silicone Spray can be used for lubricating metal parts, protecting rubber, protecting electrical contacts and in many other places in the home, workshop or office.

From $20.65

W 44 T Multi-Spray - Penetrating Lubricant and Multi-Functional Oil

An incredibly versatile spray that combines lubrication, penetration, cleaning, preservation, corrosion protection and water-displacement in one. This high-performance spray will have a use in any workshop, garage, facility, boat or vehicle.

From $15.45