Neoprene Sponge Sheet Black 2mm x 480mm x 480mm

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  • Creates water and air-tight seals with low compression.
  • Easy to cut and shape.
  • Excellent thickness stability and resistant to fuels and oils.

Neoprene Sponge Sheet is ideal for all kinds of sealing, anti-vibration, cushioning and acoustic insulation applications. This rubber foam maintains the sealing characteristics of Neoprene rubber whilst lowering the density to allow for effective seal creation at less compression.  This sponge rubber foam can be used indoors or outdoors as it has good UV resistance and weatherability.

Our Neoprene Sponge Sheet can be easily cut and shaped thanks to its good dimensional stability and excellent thickness consistency. When compressed in service, it will create a liquid and air tight seal. It exhibits very good resistance to oils and many solvents, withstands 80°C and is self-extinguishing.

Applications for Neoprene Sponge Sheet

  • Automotive seals.
  • Low compression gaskets and seals.
  • Cushioning pads for equipment and furniture.
  • Oil seals.
  • Acoustic insulation.
  • Anti-vibration pads and void fillers.
  • Gap filling and sealing.


Are there other colours?

We’re sorry, no. This particular grade of Neoprene sponge sheet is just available in black.

Is there an adhesive version?

There is and we can provide this on request. Send us an email with the size you’d like and we’ll provide a quote for the sponge sheet with a peel-off adhesive applied. There’s actually more than one peel-off adhesive type that can be used for this so if you can also tell us what you’d like the sponge to stick to it’ll help us pick the best for your needs.

Are other thicknesses available?

Sort of. All the standard available sizes are listed here on our site. That said, layers of different thicknesses can be laminated together with adhesive to create new thicknesses. We can arrange this if you’d like, just shoot us an email with what you’re after.

Is this the same as Neoprene Foam?

Sort of. There's no precise definition of sponge and foam that applies to it's very hard to tell. Our Neoprene Sponge Sheet could definitely be called Neoprene Foam as well, it really seems to be a matter of personal preference which one people go with.

Can you supply cut shapes and gaskets?

We can definitely arrange it. If you would like us to quote on the supply of a specific shape or seal, please do contact us with the size and quantity you require. We'll get back to you with a quote quickly.

How do I cut it?

Neoprene Sponge can be cut using a standard stanley knife, carving knife or an electric knife.

Is it heavy?

Not compared to solid rubber, no. Of course, dead weight varies depending on thickness and sheet size but this can be easily calculated. If you multiply thickness x width x length (all in metres, so 2mm thick would be 0.002) and multiply the result by 160 (the density in kilograms per cubic metre) you'll get a close estimate.

As an example; a 500mm² sheet of 10mm Neoprene Sponge would weigh about 400 grams (0.01 x .5 x .5 x 160 = .4 kg's).


Colour Black
Polymer Polychloroprene
Backing None
Density 160 kg/m³ (±30)
Hardness 25 ±5 HS (C Type)
Compression Set 25% Maximum
Water Absorption 0.5% Maximum
SKU SWP000067

Great product and great service

By: on 12 April 2018
Product as described, perfect for what I need and it arrived at my doorstep less than 24 hours after purchase

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