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Date Posted: 1 April 2020

An overview of the cleaning and disinfection properties of our Citrus Cleaner with information on where it may be used and the applications it should not be used for.

Date Posted: 26 March 2020

  Date Posted: 19 December 2019

  Date Posted: 19 October 2019

Do you need an adhesive to use on parts that are going to be powdercoated afterwards? Check out our post on Weicon HT 200 High Temperature Adhesive. Unlike Silicone, It's able to handle high temperatures whilst still allowing the powder coating to stick!

  Date Posted: 14 October 2019

If you're looking to make a cork gasket that will be exposed to fuel (petrol or diesel), you need to be careful with which cork you use. In this post we explain why a Nitrile Bonded Cork Gasket sheet is the best solution for this application.

  Date Posted: 10 October 2019

Of all the different ones in our range, it’s our Rust Protection 2000 Plus. In this post, we explain why and how it works.

  Date Posted: 7 October 2019

Our VA 30 continues to be one of our most popular super glues. In this post, we explain why its combination of rubber content, increased elasticity and quick cure time leads to its widespread use throughout Australia.

  Date Posted: 6 September 2019

  Date Posted: 28 February 2019

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