Adhesive Nylon Cable Tie Mount 19mm Square Black Pack of 25

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Key Features

  • Simple mounting of cable ties
  • Work with most surfaces
  • Available in 2 colours and 2 sizes, all with a peel off adhesive liner


By combining a Nylon Adhesive Cable Tie Mount with one of our Cable Ties, you’ve got a simple way to secure cables, leads, wires and piping to all kinds of walls and surfaces. These simple little devices are available in black and natural (off-white) nylon colours, two sizes and are made from Nylon 6/6.

No matter the colour or size, each Nylon Adhesive Cable Tie Mount will handle temperatures between -40°C and +85°C. The adhesive backing on each is covered by an easy to remove peel-off adhesive liner. 

Both sizes will handle cable ties up to 4.8mm in width. Though the slot is a little wider on the 28mm² (it’ll handle up to 5.2mm) we’ve tested them and the 7.6mm or 8.8mm wide cable ties will definitely not fit.

The 28mm square size has a centre hole so it can be screwed in for extra strength if it is required.


  • Securing cables and leads bundled with cable ties up to 4.8mm wide


Will these stick to metal?

They will. We’ve tested them with ColorBond, stainless steel and brass. They stick pretty well.

Can I use them outdoors?

You can but… they’re made from Nylon 6/6 (aka Natural Nylon) which does not have the same UV resistance as our UV resistant cable ties. They will last a while, but we wouldn’t expect the same durability as the UV resistant ones. If you are going to use them outside, we suggest the black as unpigmented nylon will be degraded by sunlight faster and become brittle. The black pigmentation helps with UV resistance a bit.

Colour(s): Black, Natural Nylon

Adhesive Backed: Yes

Continuous Operating Temperature: -40°C to +85°C

Maximum Cable Tie Width: 19mm Mount: 4.8mm / 28mm Mount: 5.2mm

SKU SWP000097

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