3M 471 Vinyl Lane Marking Tape, Black - 6mm Wide x 33 Metres Long

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  • Versatile vinyl tape with a good, strong rubberised adhesive.
  • Abrasion resistant and able to maintain its bright colours over a long service life.
  • Highly conformable with good adhesion to a range of materials.

3M 471 Vinyl Lane Marking Tape is a really versatile adhesive tape available in a selection of colours and widths. This tape is usually used for marking out floor areas, colour coding, sealing, splicing or abrasion protection applications and is really easy to use and apply. This is largely due to its construction which combines a vinyl backing with a rubber based adhesive.

The tape sticks well to a range of surfaces yet removes cleanly when required. It’s also highly conformable and can be accurately applied in straight lines or around complex shapes.

The vinyl backing used on 3M 471 Vinyl Tape is actually pigmented (rather than being surface printed like some competing products) which allows it to maintain it’s bright, vivid colouring over a long time. This ensures it not only looks better when it’s put on, but that it maintains this bright appearance longer and reduces the need for replacement.

Applications for 471 Lane Marking Tape.

  • Marking out forklift passages and walkways.
  • Marking safety areas or keep-clear zones.
  • Identification of cables, leads and pipes.
  • Splicing.
  • Abrasion protection for cables and pipes.
  • Masking.
  • Sealing.
  • Decoration.

How to Buy 3M 471 Tape Online.

This page lists our range of standard sizes of 3M 471 Black Lane Marking Tape. To buy, simply select the desired tape width.

Our online store also has this material in red, yellow and white. 

We cut all of these rolls to size using our slitting facilities so, if you do need a custom sized roll, please don't hesitate to contact us.

Backing Material Pigmented Vinyl
Adhesive Rubber Based
Backing Thickness 0.1mm
Total Tape Thickness 0.14mm
Operating Temperature 4°C to 77°C
Adhesion to Steel 25 N / 100mm (ASTM D-3330)
Tensile Strength at Break 270 N/100 mm (ASTM D-3759)
Elongation at Break 130% (ASTM D-3759)
Low Leachable Halogen and Sulfur Passses (MIL-STD-2041D(SH))

Properties quoted above for all colours except transparent. Refer to the TDS for information on that particular colour.

SKU SWM000050P03
Brand 3M

Technical Data Sheet.

TDS Link        
3M 471 Tape TDS        

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Are other colours available?

We keep 3M 471 Tape in Yellow, Black, White and Red as standard. 

Other colours are also available, but they’re a little more rare and we don’t usually carry them in stock. Brown, Green, Orange, Purple, Blue and Transparent are also manufactured. If you definitely need one of these please do email us and we’ll try our very best to help.