3M 700 Adhesive Cleaner & Solvent - 350gm

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  • Fast, effective and easy to use cleaning spray from 3M.
  • Ideal for cleaning heavily contaminated surfaces prior to bonding.
  • Removes grease, oil, adhesive residue, dirt and dust.
  • Also useful for dismantling previously bonded items by softening the existing adhesive.

3M 700 Adhesive Cleaner & Solvent is a industrial-grade cleaning spray that is fast and highly effective. Clear in colour, this spray is widely used for cleaning and preparing surfaces prior to bonding.

700 Adhesive Cleaner & Solvent is available in 350gm cans and dispenses with a particle spray pattern. It is often used for cleaning metal and rubber; care should be taken before using it with plastics as, depending on the grade, this cleaner can damage the surface.

One of the most critical steps in bonding is surface preparation. 3M 700 Adhesive Cleaner and Solvent makes this easy as it effectively removes heavy contamination from grease, oil, dirt and dust.

This cleaning spray can also be used as a dismantling aid for previously bonded parts. When sprayed directly onto the existing (flexible) adhesive, 3M 700 Cleaning Spray will soften the adhesive making disassembly easier.

This won’t work with all adhesive types (epoxies and MMAs are two such examples) but it does tend to work with most flexible adhesive types such as silicones, polyurethanes and MS polymers.

SKU SWM000483B01V0001
Brand 3M