3M 90 Hi-Strength Spray Adhesive - 500gm

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  • Industrial grade adhesive spray for a wide range of materials.
  • 1 minute dry time for fast, strong, permanent bonds.
  • Very easy to use with an adjustable nozzle to control spray width.
  • Low initial tack so that you can position your materials accurately before the bond becomes permanent.

3M 90 Hi-Strength Spray Adhesive is a high performance, industrial-grade adhesive spray used for permanent bonding and laminating. This easy to use spray has a very fast initial dry time (as low as 1 minute), high permanent strength and is compatible with a wide range of materials and surface types.

3M 90 Hi-Strength Spray Adhesive is available from Swift Supplies in 500gm cans and is widely used in several different industries and applications. More information on its capabilities is included below:

Fast Tack with a Very Fast Dry Time.

3M 90 Adhesive Spray has a highly aggressive tack which provides high initial grab. Open time is 1 to 10 minutes which gives you enough time to properly position the materials being bonded. Once this time has elapsed, dry time is just one minute. After this, the materials with be joined with a high strength, permanent bond.

Easy to Use.

Each can of 3M 90 Spray has an adjustable nozzle which lets you easily control the spray width. This ensures that you can easily apply the adhesive to large surface areas quickly and economically. It also leads to reduced wastage as the spray-on adhesive can be targeted.

Ideal for Bonding a Wide Range of Materials.

It can be used to create strong, permanent bonds between numerous materials, including:

  • Concrete
  • Decorative Laminates.
  • Particleboard
  • SBR Rubber.
  • Neoprene Rubber.
  • Wood.
  • Cardboard.
  • Fabric.
  • Many types of thermal and electrical insulation.
  • Many types of plastic (including polyethylene and polypropylene).
  • Metal.
  • Dense grades of cork.
  • High density grades of felt.

High Heat Resistance.

3M 90 Hi-Strength Adhesive Spray has been tested for shear adhesion failure. This test measures the temperature the cured adhesive will tolerate before failing. In this test environment, using a sample of birch plywood with a 25mm overlap, 3M 90 Hi-Strength Spray recorded a result of 121°C (250°F).

More information on this industrial spray adhesive’s technical attributes can be found on the specifications tab.

3M 90 Hi-Strength Spray Adhesive Instructions.

  1. Shake can well before using.
  2. Select the spray pattern desired by turning nozzle between the L and H setting on the top of the can.
  3. Hold can about 150mm to 200mm from the surface, apply an even coat of adhesive to both surfaces being bonded.
  4. Allow adhesive to dry a minimum of 1 minute.
  5. Join the surfaces while the adhesive is still tacky. Tack range is between 1 and 10 minutes.

For extra strong bonds (or with porous materials such as sponge, foam or felt), double coat both surfaces and allow the adhesive to dry for 2-5 minutes before making the bond. This procedure is also recommended for decorative laminates.

These instructions are also included on each cans label.

Colour Transparent / Colourless
Basis Synthetic Elastomer
Processing Temperature +10°C to +30°C
Evaporation Time 1 to 10 Minutes
Coverage per Can 2.1mtr² (approx.)
Shear Adhesion Failure Test 121°C (250°F)
Tested with birch wood, 25mm overlap.
Solids Content (by weight) 13%
Voltatile Organic Compounds (VOC) <55%
Spray Pattern Variable Lace
Minimum Shelf-Life  15 Months
SKU SWM000486B01V0001
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