5007 Class 2 Striped Reflective Tape, Black/Yellow - 24mm x 45Mtrs (Engineering Grade)

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  • Excellent reflection in full light and at night time (low light).
  • Long lasting, can be used indoors and outdoors.
  • Aggressive acrylic adhesive bonds well to almost all surfaces and materials.

Our 5007 Class 2 Striped Reflective Tape is an engineering grade retro reflective product. It provides excellent light reflection and its striped, bright colours are very easy to spot in low light or direct sun. This tape can be used indoors or outdoors and is very long lasting.

Class 2 Reflective Tape is available in a selection of colours for marking and identifying different types of hazards, lining signs and more. It has a total thickness of 0.33mm which includes the backing and the aggressive, permanent acrylic based adhesive. This adhesive bonds well to almost all surface types (exceptions are things like PTFE which almost nothing sticks to) and retains this bond strength over a long time.

5007 Class 2 Reflective Tape can be printed on or overlayed with graphics. Each roll is supplied with a release paper liner that is very easy to remove and makes application quick and simple. This tape is able to withstand temperatures between -20°C and +80°C and meets both EN 12899-1 and ASTM D 4956 standards.

Typical Applications for Class 2, Striped Reflective Tape.

  • Identifying bollards, posts and other objects in underground car parks
  • Identifying potential dangers around the home
  • Vehicle marking and identification
  • Marine marking and identification
  • Traffic signs
  • Work signs
  • Drawing attention to potential head hazards in commercial facilities
  • Anywhere a potential hazard must be visibly marked out

How to Buy Striped Reflective Tape Online.

This page lists our standard sizes of Black / Yellow, striped reflective tape in full, 45 metre long rolls.

Our online store also features this tape in other colours as well as shorter, 5 metre rolls. Links to each of these are included at the bottom of this page.

In addition to these standard sizes of reflective tape, we are also able to provide widths to suit individual applications. To enquire about a specific size, please do contact us.

Backing Acrylic
Adhesive Acrylic Based
Liner Yes, Release Paper
Total Thickness 0.33mm
Continuous Operating Temperature -20°C to +80°C
Adhesion to Steel 20 N / 25mm
SKU SWM000069P01-45

Technical Data Sheet.

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5007 Class 2 Reflective Tape TDS        

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How do I cut it?

You’ll be able to cut this tape with scissors.

Any advice on what to do to make sure it sticks?

Like most adhesives, this tapes’ adhesive performance will be greatly improved if you clean the surface before applying it.

If you’re sticking the tape down to a very smooth surface and it’s practical, roughening the surface a little will increase the surface area available for bonding and allow better adhesion. Nothing too drastic, just a little bit of light sanding will help with most materials.