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Dosing Tips for Weicon Super Glues

Dosing tips fit over the top of the super glue nozzle and allow for incredibly accurate application in highly controlled doses. Economical and very easy to fit, these make life a lot easier when you’re gluing really tiny spots.
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Quadro Mixing Nozzles for Easy-Mix Adhesives

A key part of the Easy-Mix Adhesive System. Our Quadro Mixing Nozzles work with most grades of Easy-Mix Adhesive including PU-90, PU-240, S 50, N 50, N 5000 and RK-7000 through RK-7300.

Special Mixing Nozzle for Easy-Mix PE-PP

A special type of mixing nozzle for a special type of adhesive. These nozzles are designed just for use with Easy-Mix PE-PP 45 and can handle the tiny glass beads present in this glue. Easy to attach and very simple to use.