Blackmar Gasket Material - 0.25mm Thick x 1550mm x 3100mm Sheets

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  • Industrial Grade, All-Round Gasket Fibre Sheet.
  • Resistant to Elevated Temperatures and Strong Pressure.
  • Made with Genuine DuPont Kevlar Fibre.
  • Available in a Large Range of Thicknesses and Sheet Sizes (Cut Gaskets on Request).

Our Blackmar Sheet is designed to fill the need for a general-purpose gasket material. This compressed non-asbestos fibre sheet is suitable for use in a wide range of gasketing applications where compressed fibre would be used.

This page has all our full size, 1550mm x 3100mm sheets of Blackmar gasket material. Our online store also has this gasket sheet available in smaller 500mm square, 1000mm square and 1500mm square sheets. Links are included to these at the bottom of this page or, alternatively, contact us to enquire about cut Blackmar gaskets.

This gasket sheet is manufactured from a combination of Kevlar aramid fibre, mineral fibre and a nitrile butadiene rubber (NBR) binder.

The result is a versatile gasket sheet that can handle most applications. It has a maximum continuous operating temperature of 350°C (260°C when sealing steam) and a max. pressure rating of 12 MPa. Like most gasket fibres, these maximum ratings are interdependent, so we suggest checking the Blackmar Technical Data Sheet for your application.

This gasket sheet also has excellent chemical resistance. It can be used for sealing fuels, oils, gases, hydrocarbons and lubricants. It can also seal water, steam, alcohols and most moderate organic and inorganic acids.

Each size of our Blackmar sheets have been made with a non-stick coating which will make removing old gaskets easier in the future.

Colour Black
Max. Continuous Operating Temperature (non-Steam) 350°C
Max. Intermittent Operating Temperature (non-Steam) 400°C
Max. Continuous Operating Temperature (Steam) 260°C
Base Materials Kevlar Aramid Fibres, Mineral Fibres and an NBR Binder
Maximum Continuous Operating Pressure 12 MPa
Density 2.1 g/cm³
Compressibility 9.9% (ASTM F 36)
Creep Relaxation 20.3% (ASTM F 36)
SKU SWM000524B01