Cleaner Spray S Industrial Cleaner and Degreaser in 500ml Aerosol Spray CansSwift Supplies are very happy to welcome Weicon Cleaner Spray S to our range. Available in convenient aerosol form, German-made cleaning spray is exceptionally powerful.

This industrial cleaning and degreasing spray is designed to quickly and effectively clean heavily soiled components. It is perfect for preparing parts that are to be bonded or sealed with adhesives and is also very good at cleaning machine parts and other greasy surfaces. It will quickly remove oil, grease and even gummy adhesive residues.

One special feature of Cleaner Spray S is it evaporates. After its done its job, this cleaner will evaporate away leaving no messy residue behind.

Where It’s Used

Though it’s new to Swift Supplies, Cleaner Spray S has been used around the world for years. Some of the more common uses for this cleaning spray include:

  • Cleaning machine parts and surfaces
  • Cleaning brakes and gears
  • Degreasing oily surfaces
  • Cleaning surfaces before they are bonded
  • Preparing surfaces to be primed or painted
  • Cleaning O Ring Cord before the adhesive is applied
  • Cleaning parts that will be sealed with silicones or elastic adhesives
  • Cleaning oily or greasy surfaces on boats and ships
  • Cleaning automotive parts and components
  • Cleaning work surfaces, benches and tools
  • Removing Corro-Protection Spray when desired
  • Many, many more areas in the automotive, DIY, industrial, mining, engineering, facilities maintenance, marine, transport and energy sectors.

Cleaner Spray S being used to clean a hose plug before it is connectedIt is designed for cleaning and degreasing metal surfaces though it may also be used on glass, ceramics and other hearty surfaces. Plastic can be a little tricky as this spray is so powerful it can damage the surface and, as a result, a test on a hidden part of the plastic is suggested first.

How It’s Used

Every can of Cleaner Spray S is supplied with a special valve that allows you to spray above your head when it’s required (ideal for cleaning under cars). Using this spray is very simple.

  1. Spray a suitable quantity onto the part or surface that you are cleaning.
  2. Allow time to react and, if necessary, wipe with a clean cloth.
  3. Repeat process as required.

Cleaner Spray S cleaning soiled metal componentsWhen it’s sprayed, Cleaner Spray S will let off a slight, citrus-like odour. This is a colourless spray.


Cleaner Spray S is available now in 500ml aerosol cans.

The product page has all the usual links to this quality products Technical Data and Safety Data. Of course, if you do have any questions about Cleaner Spray S, or any other product in our growing range, please do not hesitate to contact us. We'll be happy to assist.